Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cruelty Free Embossed Paw Leather Journal from The Animal Rescue Site

I purchased this journal for three reasons - 1. the purchase provided bowls of food to animals in shelters, 2. I like the embossed paw prints and 3. it was on sale.

Here is the link Embossed Paw Journal and here is the description from the website (The Animal Rescue Site):

"Beautifully embossed with a subtle paw pattern, these journals are more than just a place to store your thoughts – they’re works of art! Using handmade cotton paper and the skins from animals that have died of natural causes, our Cruelty Free Embossed Paw Leather Journal will add peace of mind to your sketches, notes, or diary entries. When full of your ideas, it's a simple matter of slipping in fresh insert pages made with 100% tree-free, archival quality recycled cotton. Made with leather sourced from local "Haat" markets in villages where the predominantly vegetarian population reveres goats, sheep, cows and buffalo for their value as milk animals, and where a live animal is worth far more than a dead one. Without economic incentive to kill animals for their skin, the artisans instead reclaim skins from animals that died naturally. Our supplier's practices are geared toward creating more respect for all lives, as well as for the environment.Each journal comes filled with paper, with refills available for prolific writers. Handmade in and fair-trade imported from India."


I really did not expect a lot from this journal - the cover is nice but not very heavy, it reminds me very much of the Exacompta Nostalgie Leatherette Refillable Journal. The one difference is that this journal is real leather while the Exacompta is not. The stitching on the cover is acceptable, but again not high quality. The paper is interesting. I really was not expecting much from this paper. It is recycled cotton and has A LOT of texture, which many people will not like, but it accepts fountain pens with little or no feathering and absolutely no bleed through - I was surprised. The journal is stitched not glued and there are only three stitches holding it together, but it lays open flat. The one thing that I found with this paper, as with most cotton papers, is that it does not particularly like crisp italic nibs although it handled my other italics well. To me this journal was well worth the money that I paid for it, since my primary purpose was helping the animals.

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