Friday, May 8, 2009

Handmade Journal from TMLee - Happy Dogs + 1 Cat

This is the back fly leaf of a lovely little handmade journal purchased from TMLee at FPN. This is absolutely my favorite part of the journal.

Please go to FPN to see his other journals and contact him if you would like to acquire one of your own: Homemade Journal

I have had this journal for a while, but have not filled my current journal so it will be next in line. Anyway, I thought that I would right a review so I used the first few pages of the journal to do some testing.

First, a little basic information. This journal measures 6-1/4" x 4-1/4". It is the perfect size to carry in a pocket or purse. From the information provided by TMLee, inside the back cover of the journal it features the following:
  • 96 pages
  • coptic stitched with waxed Oral-B dental floss
  • paper and pocket are Conqueror Laid 100 gsm brilliant white watermarked
  • flyleaves are Naturalis A/white smooth 160 gsm
  • covers are Daler mounting boards covered with Efalin new linen white 120 gsm
Here is my handwritten review and a recap of that review:

Okay, I haven't begun using this journal on a regular basis yet, because I need to fill my current journal first - but I thought that I would start this one with a short review for my blog.

This paper has some texture but it is very fountain pen friendly. I have found no feathering with any of the inks or pens that I have used, and no bleed through.

This little journal is going to be a joy to use.

Thank you, TMLee, for making this journal.

Below are full photos of the journal:


TMLee said...

Thanks Julie. :-)
The paper is textured bcos its Laid paper by CONQUEROR.
Its also watermarked. Its often used for formal occasions.
The graphics are from a kids book I can't remember now.
I re-drew them.
I don't have the talent to come up with such wonderful caricatures.
Enjoy your journal.
I hope your dogs love them too . :-) What are their names again ?

Okami said...

Our male is Kota (age 6) and our female is Jewlz (age 5)

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