Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Year in the Life of a Tree

In February I was outside looking at the yard and I got this bright idea to take a picture of the Golden Raintree in our yard.

At the time, it looked so sad and pitiful, barren of all it's leaves, but I know how beautiful it has been in the past and how beautiful it will be again.

So, I decided to take a photo each week for a year, documenting the changes to our tree.

This is Florida so a hurricane or lighting strike (this area is the lightning capital of the world) could take it out at any time, but my hope is that you will follow us on this journey and that this time next year the tree is still there and you will have enjoyed watching the changes with me.

Please follow my photo journal of the year in the life of a golden raintree.

Here is the link to the photos: A Year In The Life of A Tree

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