Sunday, June 7, 2009

Believe It or Not! A Tale of Two Critters

Miss Jewlz

We live on 5 acres, about 2 of which is heavily treed and fenced - the dogs, Kota and Jewlz, have free run of the fenced in area. Our female, Jewlz, is a true hunter, she loves to run down and catch whatever she can - squirrels, skunks, armadillos.

One day, I was standing in the kitchen watching her and I could see that she had a hold of something and was shaking the s--- out of it. So, I'm thinking to myself “What has she got now?” At first, I thought that she had caught a snake, which has happened before.

So, I go flying out the door to see what it is, and here is a squirrel; the squirrel is attached by its teeth to Jewlz collar and is hanging down just below her chin. She looked like she was wearing a squirrel necktie.

Anyway, I grab her collar and start shaking it: collar, dog, squirrel and all. But this squirrel is not about to let go; it really was the only place that Jewlz was not able to put her teeth into it.

So I crab walk with her (and attached squirrel) to the other end of the house where George is and starting yelling at him to come help me.

I thought that he was going to die laughing when he saw her. At this point the squirrel is now hanging from her collar by only it’s paws, looking for all in the world like that kitten on the old “Hang In There, Baby” poster. I finally had to go out to the garage and get heavy gloves and a towel for protection, then I carefully pried the squirrel from her collar.

I only wish that I'd had sense enough to take some photos before I did, I'm sure that no one will believe this but I swear that it really happened.



all-my-hues said...

That's crazy!
Also, Jewlz is beautiful...what kind of dogs are they?

Okami said...

Hi, all-my-hues

Kota and Jewlz are Akitas - American style.

Speedmaster said...


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