Friday, June 5, 2009

An Ink and Paper Review - Herbin and Clairefontaine

Back in February, Quo Vadis Blog offered up some Herbin inks in exchange for reviewing them. I was very late jumping in and did not think that they would have any ink still available but, of course, if you know them - they found some for me. I offered to review the J. Herbin Vert Empire, since it looked like it would be a luscious deep green - I really like greens (and purples and reds...heck, I just like COLOR!).

Then, after having discovered the Quo Vadis Blog and becoming a faithful follower, I entered their monthly Where to Go Contest and as a result received a Clairefontaine Basics Notebook. I selected the clothbound version, in green, of course, to match the ink that I was receiving. I don't know why the website does not show this notebook in green, but I also had an option of the black, tan or red. (If you click on the Buy Now button you will see all four color options).

So the review - I really like this ink, please click on the photos above to read the full handwritten review, and I also like the notebook very much. The notebook has a nice soft back cover, stitched binding and 90 g pH neutral, acid-free paper with a smooth satin finish. The paper is the usual high quality Clairefontaine product.

This being said I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves.


Sam said...

Very nice review, thanks for sharing. I hadn't considered Herbin's Vert Empire till I read this, but I guess it'll have to go no the ink Wish List now. :)

I also have the brown Basics notebook (which I love), for some reason it's called the 'Age Bag' this side of the pond.

Okami said...

Sam, The more I use this ink the more I like it. I really is a wonderful green.

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