Friday, June 26, 2009

A lesson in being careful (or please don't spill the ink)

When you use fountain pen ink you need to be very careful, which I have, up until now. But accidents happen, I guess that I should just be grateful that the spot is under my desk and the carpeting is not new.

If anyone has suggestions for remedies, I'm all ears.

Thank goodness the ink was not one Noodlers Bulletproof inks or it could have been worse.


Anonymous said...

I have had success with mixing up some of that Oxyclean and scrubbing with that. Actually got ink out of my shorts!

Okami said...

I have found shorts are easier, you can rub them together. I actually used a white washcloth when trying to get this out and it comes clean because I can run it under the water.

It is better today after a round of Folex carpet cleaner, but it's not completely out. I think this will be a long term project.

girlzoot said...

I did a wet baking soda soak and let it dry and vacuumed that up later, that helped a little on an ink stain under my desk.

Anonymous said...

At have you seen their ink removers? They're supposed to be very good on tough ink stains.


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