Friday, June 19, 2009

Vintage British Half Penny Postcard

This British Half Penny Postcard is another find from my postcard hunt.

I can't date it exactly, but according to EdinPhoto which is a wonderful site that provides the historical postage rates for postcards sent within the UK, among many other things - postcard postage was 1/2d from the 1890s until 1918 when the rate was increased to 1d. That puts this card somewhere between 91 and 110 years old.

The following information comes directly from the EdinPhoto Site: "The postal rates increased to 1d (3 Jun 1918), then to 1½d (13 Jun 1921). This meant that the price of sending a postcard had trebled in three years. The result was protests, and a return to the 1d postage rate from 29 May 1922.

However, postcards never regained their popularity of the pre-war years, 1900-1914."

Kinda cool to think that here, a hundred years later, this card might be winging it's way through the mails.

I wonder if I send it to a postcard swapper in Britain will the British Postal authorities will get upset since it's printed "For Inland Use Only." ?

Hmmm...guess, maybe, we'll have to find out.

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