Sunday, June 21, 2009

Whoo Whoo - All Aboard!!

Kids love trains - I was reminded of this when a penpal wrote to me of his middle son's (age 4) obsession with all things train.

Since the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum is practically in my back yard, I figured I would stop by and see if I could find a postcard or two to send to my friend. So at 10 am on a Sunday morning, the train was running and the gift shop was open. While I was there I browsed the gift shop, located in (what else?) an old train car and purchased a few postcards and took a few photos of the trains.

If you or your kids love all things train, you should really come out to Parrish and check it out. Through August 30 kids ages 3 - 11 can ride free with the purchase of an adult ticket; two kids for every one adult - now that's a deal. They are open every Saturday and Sunday for rides through Manatee County; the train leaves at 11 am and 2 pm, but plan to be on board at least 15 minutes early.

Special events are scheduled for a number of times during the year and include things like the Great Train Robbery (October 10 and 11, 2009; November 28 and 29, 2009) The Eerie Railroad and the Pumpkin Patch Express (October 23-25, 2009), Von Kessinger's Express (November 7 and 8, 2009) and the North Pole Express (December 10-13 and December 17-20). All events are at the normal train times with the exceptions of The Eerie Railroad and the North Pole Express. Please check the website for these times and to verify any changes from this schedule.

I will do a follow up in the future, my mom and I are planning to ride the train (have been meaning to for a little while), but summers in Florida are not conducive to getting outside and doing much of anything (at least for old folks like us); so I think we've decided to wait until fall and perhaps go when the Hole-in-the-Head Gang returns.

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