Friday, July 31, 2009

Featured Pen - Sailor 1911 Standard Naginata-togi NM (not quite)

Some time ago I got a very good (and I do mean very good) deal on a Sailor 1911 Standard with an 21k Naginata-togi NM nib. This Sailor is a modern pen uses a cartridge/converter filler system, for those of you not indoctrinated into all things fountain pen.

I immediately fell in love with the pen, but absolutely hated the nib. Simply, it wrote with much too broad a line for me and absolutely no line variation.

I inquired of Sailor and received a very polite reply that Sailor no longer sells their nib units separately. But I had a number of options available to me.

One solution would be to obtain another nib unit (in another size), purchase a broad nib unit and have it ground to an italic so that I would be able to keep the Naginata-togi or I could have the Naginata-togi ground to an italic.

I opted for the latter as I could not justify spending the money to acquire and then have a second nib ground. So off I sent my lovely Sailor to Michael Masuyama of I chose Mr. Masuyama for the simple fact that he worked for Sailor for 23 years and I figured that if anyone should know this pen, he should.

My pen went off on a Thursday and reached him on Monday. At the speed of light, my pen returned. So I ripped open the box with anticipation:

My lovely Sailor now has an even lovelier italic nib.

I am extremely fond of italic nibs and own 8 fountain pens with italic nibs and have several "italic" Esterbrook nibs that I can interchange on my Esterbrook pens.

So I am one very happy camper, and a pen that I gave serious consideration to selling, now has a permanent place in my rotation.


phonelady said...

Oh my what a nice pen and it is the way you want it . Looks like a very nice pen . Have a great day and a wonderfull blog as usual .

inkophile said...

Love the before and after photos that show how different an italic looks from a standard nib.

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