Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miami Pen Show: July 17 - 19, 2009

Wow! If you have never been to a pen show you really need to attend one; it is a wonderful experience and you will meet some great people. The Miami Pen Show continues through today at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

It was a long day since I drove from the Tampa area. I left home at 6 am and returned at 7:45 pm (about 8 hours driving and 5 hours at the show, wish it had been the other way around) but it was well worth it. It was awesome to see so many pens that I have admired online and in catalogs - it's just so different seeing them in person.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my penpals, Deborah Basel, (that's me on the left and Deborah on the right) who also taught the calligraphy class. Deborah is a wonderful teacher, extremely patient and talented, if you have an interest in calligraphy and the opportunity to attend one of her classes you definitely need to attend. She will be teaching at the upcoming DC Supershow August 6 - 9 - don't miss it.

A not so short list of some of the wonderful people that I met, Andreas Lambrou, author of Fountain Pens of the World; Bert Oser from Bertam's Inkwell; Michael Masuyama of Mike It Work, Michael is wonderful - I have an upcoming post on the work he did to my Sailor 1911; Deb Kinney, The Pen Connoisseur - another nibmeister; Chuck Swisher of Swisher Pens; Susan Wirth and John Martinson; Roger Cromwell of Penopoly; David E. Ushkow, There were also great representatives from David Oscarson, Yafa (informed me they have big plans for Conklin, which they just acquired) and too many others to list.

So all that said, I think that I restrained my urge to buy pretty well; I was on almost overload, so many pens! I couldn't remember where I had looked at what.

I only made two purchases a Libelle 5-Pen Leather Wrap Case - I am beginning to believe that pens multiply in directly relationship to the cases you acquire, what I mean is, if you buy cases you must by more pens, if you just restrain the urge to purchase a case for them you can contain the urge to buy more pens, since you don't have any way to properly store them.

My second purchase was, of course, a pen (I almost escape but this one trapped me as I was leaving). It is a lovely little Conklin Vest Pocket/Ladies Crescent filler (see the photo below) the pen needs a sac, has one tiny dent and does not have the correct #2 Conklin nib, but is unengraved and in super condition otherwise, a sac can be installed and I look at replacing the nib. I will feature it in one of my future featured pen posts (which will return next week).

Conklin Crescent

Ok, so drum roll please, here is the finale: photos from the show. I also took a bunch of photos in calligraphy class but it's just a bunch of people sitting around doing calligraphy, so I didn't include them here. Although, I would like to let you know that one of our fellow students won the raffle for the pen which was given away at the show. I knew at one time what that pen was, but cannot find anything on it now. RATS!!


Sam said...

What a fabulous (if a little tiring?) day out! Glad to hear you had such a great time and met so many wonderful people. All those pens......

Erin said...

Thanks for sharing your visit to the Miami pen show with us. I think I would have been totally worn out by such a day! But, the adrenaline from seeing, and trying, pens and inks and paper would energize me through it. :)

Dallas has a pen show coming in September. I'm planning on attending; it will be my first show.

Okami said...

Erin thanks for the comments - my advice is plan to spend twice the amount of time at the show than your initial instinct. This was a small show an I figured that I could cover it quickly, but I spend so much time admiring individual pens that I almost missed the vendor where I purchased my Conklin (by the way, very nice folks, Joel and Michelle Caney from Lightreading, Inc.)

ToasterPastry said...

Three things impressed me about this show...Plenty of natural lighting; the relatively small size of the show (compared to LA's); and the look of that Conklin pen you bought (great purchase).

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