Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Unexpected Gift

Last week I received a lovely surprise package, preceded by an awesome postcard, from my good friend and fellow blogger, Sam, at Future; Nostalgic.

Sam recently published a review of the store brand fountain pen from ASDA - the UK's answer to Walmart which you can read here: Review: Asda own-brand Fountain Pen.

After Sam's post, I offhandedly commented that I wished we had such inexpensive FPs here, these pens are 85p in the UK which is about $1.40 in the US. The next thing I know I'm the proud new owner of an ASDA fountain pen.

This really is a nice little pen for the price. The photo above shows it next to a Pelikan M205 so that you can get an idea of it's size. It writes very well and would be a wonderful starter fountain pen for any newbie or great for a child or as giveaways. I've been keeping mine on my desk as a "grab" pen when I don't have another fountain pen handy.

I keep likening it to an inexpensive ballpoint, the cap is even designed to look like a ballpoint. Don't you just want to press that cap button?

In addition, Sam included in my surprise package a set of 8 ASDA Calligraphy markers, knowing that I had taken my first calligraphy class at the Miami Pen Show a couple of weeks ago.

These markers come in a set of 8, two each in blue, black, red and green. They are double ended: 2.0 mm and 3.5 mm. I'm sure that they would perform much better in the hands of an experienced calligrapher, but they've been fun to play with and I know that they will get used in this house.

Thanks again, Sam!!


phonelady said...

Oh my what nice friends you have . I am glad to say I am one of them and very proud . what a nice gift what I would give for one pen like that . woo hoo !!!! and foo-fa-lah !!!!

Sam said...

It's my pleasure! I'm glad you're enjoying the Asda fountain pen and the calligraphy markers. Great post BTW! :)

betsy caƱas garmon said... are wonderful, but when they come by post... even more magical!

The only secret to calligraphy is to keep at it.

(for a gentle tutor in the Italic hand check out Getty & Dubay Italic Handwriting Series out of Portland State University)

Brooklyn said...

cool gift!

Gentian said...

That's funny, I found the same fountain pen at the store,Daiso Japan for US $1.50! Mine is black rather than blue. I should post a photo of it sometime.

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