Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fauna Mandala Stationery by Catalina Estrada

Back in July, my friend and fellow blogger, The Missive Maven, let us all know about a great sale happening over at Chronicle Books. I took advantage of the sale and bought some great stationery, including the Fauna Madala Stationery featured here plus a set of postcards by Jeffrey Brown, The Cutest Sneeze in the World and Milton Fold and Mail.

I will post reviews of both of these items in the future, but now I wanted to take a moment and share with you this awesome stationery.

This is lovely stationery and contains 16 sheets and 16 envelopes with stickers, in 4 different prints. I only wish that they provided extra sheets since in order to write a letter more than one page long, you'll have to add your own paper.

The envelopes are equally unusual with a small space on the front for the addressee and no obvious place for the return address, but I made do.

Now the best part of this stationery is that it seems to be very fountain pen friendly. I sent a letter using two pens and two inks, the first my 1945 Parker Duofold and Quink Blue Black and the second my Pink Lamy Safari F and Diamine Damson, there was no feathering and no bleed through with this paper. I'm very pleased and really love the look. I will most definitely buy more of this stationery.


phonelady said...

wow how pretty !!! You and the maven always find the nicest stationery . This is a one foo-fa-lah . Love it really do .

The Missive Maven said...

Wow - I ALMOST bought this stationery in my own Chronicle binge - now I wish I had! It looks really, really lovely.

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