Friday, August 28, 2009

Featured Pen - Taccia Staccato

This is the Taccia Staccato in Starry Night.

The Taccia is a modern fountain pen and uses a cartridge/converter filling system. This is a large pen, it measures 6" capped and weighs 28 gms empty and the same filled, by my pitiful little scale.

Taccia is an American pen company located in Fountain Valley, California, but from what I'm able to tell the pens are imported from China. But that really doesn't matter, this is a beautiful pen and it is a marvelous writer.

The following is from the Taccia website:

" Welcome to TACCIA!

My name is Shu-Jen Lin, and I founded Taccia on my core belief that pens should be affordable, stylish, and well-built. I believe pens are the perfect accessory – fun to collect, display, and wear, and an intimate form of communication often lost in this internet age.

I strive to develop and produce pens that cater to both males and females, young and old, for all occasions – casual and formal. A pen, like a watch or a car, can help define a person’s style. Taccia currently carries several colorful and attractive lines, and we will be releasing many more in the future.

I’m sure you will find the right Taccia pen for you. Please browse through our website to find the Taccia pen that fits you best. All Taccia products carry a lifetime warranty.

With My Warmest Regards,

Shu-Jen Lin

Taccia International, Inc."

I really like the President's sentiment and I think that he has accomplished his intent.

This pen has a lovely two-toned steel nib with gold plating and gold furnishings.

How does it write? Beautifully!


Sara said...

Gorgeous pen and I think your ink choice compliments it very nicely :) I am having trouble resisting adding more fountain pens (like this one especially) to my "Wish List"... :)

Goldspot said...

Great review and beautiful pen. I always had my eye on a Staccato, but the one thing that I found a little cumbersome was the length with the cap posted. If it was a size smaller, I would have definitely got one for myself.

FYI : Shu-Jen is a woman.

Julie aka Okami said...


I can understand that - I prefer my pens unposted so it has never been an issue for me - they need to make a smaller version, the size was a concern when I originally purchased it.

Anonymous said...

I like the way my Taccia pen writes and how it looks but have you ever tried to contact them for pen repair? I have sent eight emails over the course of 3 months without a single reply. I would call them but there is no phone number included with the pen or on their website...seriously frustrated.

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