Friday, August 14, 2009

Featured Pen - Visconti Van Gogh Midi

The following information was borrowed from the Visconti website:

"The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification. It really seems that Renaissance in Florence is still at its liveliest. Located in a 15th century villa, Visconti keeps being stirred by intellectual flurry, the study of ancient models and of modern techniques in a constant dialogue and exchange of innovative ideas."

Please go to the Visconti site to read more.

This particular pen is the Van Gogh Midi in Sandal Red with an M nib. This is, of course, a modern not vintage pen and uses a cartridge/converter filling system.

The pen's trim is rhodium-plated and the nib is stainless steel. This is a weighty, but not heavy pen. By that, I mean that it has substance and a solid feel to it. I always enjoy using this pen.


phonelady said...

oh my what a beautifull pen . thanks for the review . I think you should receive a letter from me today or tommorow dear . Have a good one .

unhalfbricking said...

If you love this, you'd love the Maxi... the nib is a million times more responsive, and that's saying a lot because the Midi is a great pen in itself! Visconti are underrated, so glad you've reviewed it. :)

all-my-hues said...

Ooh, but how does it write? This pen is next on my list :) Thanks for covering it!

Julie aka Okami said...

It writes great, very smooth. One of my favorite pens to use.

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