Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pen, ink and correspondence journal

Ok - so I have a lot of fountain pens - 43 at last count, and I can never keep up with which one is loaded with what ink.

So I had this little notebook that I carried and used to keep track of this sort of thing.

In addition, I keep the information on two other things in the same notebook:

For my letter writing friends, their name and address, when I wrote to them and what paper, pen and ink I used.

For my postcard swap friends, their name and address, their FPN user name, when I sent them the card and what the card was of. I'd hate to send them the same card twice. Which is a distinct possibility since a print a lot of my own photos for postcards.

Well, the notebook that I was using was really small, it's a lot of information and I ran out of pages for my postcard swappers. So last night I started transferring the information into a new notebook.

I had a couple of Exacompta Basics Refills laying around so I decided to use one of them.

Here is the info on these refills from the Exaclair website:

• Smooth satin finish, pH neutral white 80 g paper
• Brown board cover

365 undated pages and info 5 x 7 Item #E1401
Blank 200 sheets Item #E1400
Graph 200 sheets Item #E1404

These are very nice little journals, the paper is smooth and accepts fountain pen ink very well. I only have one complaint and that is that the paper is not very heavy, so while there is no feathering or bleed through, there is show through. But for my use, this is fine. I just means that using it as a true journal I would only be able to write on the front side of the paper.

I want to add a caveat here, I know that over the past year or so the quality of the paper being used by Exaclair in the journals in the U.S. market has increased and it is very possible that the journal I purchased was part of a supply of old stock that the vendor I used had on hand.

So, anyhow, I did not have one the the wonderful covers that are available for these refills, so when I was at the dollar store this morning I picked up these silly happy fish stickers. I already had the dog stickers laying around so I also added a few of those too...I know, I know, fish and dogs - it's not really a theme. But hey, it's my notebook and I'm the one using it. I also picked up some large hair bands, they make great bands for journals without an elastic closure.


Sara said...

43 fountain pens... :) do you ever line them all up and just bask in their glow? :D

phonelady said...

Omg You are absouloutly just too organized . LOL !!! Oh and btw is there such a thing as fountain pen envy ? if so I have it . talk to you soon and great blog as usual .

Woodworker said...

Hmmm that is a good idea! I have that same problem last months.... thank you

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