Saturday, August 8, 2009

Postcard Art from Ralph Thomas

Thanks once again to my friend and fellow blogger, The Missive Maven and her post on this project, I just received my very own post card art from Ralph Thomas.

Ralph is mailing a postcard every day, except Sunday, for a year. Here is the info from his site in his own words:

"I decided I would mail a postcard a day (except Sunday) for a year. I will change my postcard design each month. I draw them by hand (sloppiness and flaws included) then silk screen the design onto cut out cereal boxes. The theme is “stuff every kid wishes he could order from a cereal box”. I have no real purpose for doing this except maybe I get tired of computer graphics and just need to make stuff the old-fashioned way. If you’d like me to mail you one just CLICK HERE to give me your address and I’ll put you in the cue. If you really want to ensure you get one just send me a good old fashion letter or postcard (remember those) or give me cereal boxes. My mailbox is:

Ralph Thomas
3365 W. Craig Rd. #18
North Las Vegas, NV 89032

p.s. For all you mail art fans check out my company’s webpage that I do all the graphics for and you’ll see I snuck in a “mail art” theme throughout the site."

So drop Ralph a line or an email and get your own, WOO HOO!!


phonelady said...

well I put my name and addy in for this and I do hope I get one . I dont eat cereal so that is kind of out . But Okami what woo hoo and foo fa lah !!! you are fab girl . Have a great wknd .

Sam said...

What a great post! I'd never have found Ralph if you hadn't shared your postcard from him. Will have to go and add myself to the list.

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