Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stuff on My Cat

You've heard of Stuff On My Cat, right? What, no? I only have one thing to say...WHAT PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON?!?!!?

Stuff on My Cat is a website showing photos of cats whose owners, through some weird need to do odd things, put... well, put stuff on their cats.

Now I have no clue whether or not the cats and now the mutts of Stuff on My Mutt enjoy this, but some of the pictures are pretty funny and they have produced some pretty nice fold and mail stationery which has previously been featured by my fellow blogger and friend The Missive Maven.

Here is the Stuff on My Cat mail that I recently received from a PenPal (now that is one FAT cat!)

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phonelady said...

yes that is one fat cat julie . You are too funny !!!have a great day .

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