Friday, October 9, 2009

Featured Pen - Namiki/Pilot Vanishing Point

This is another pen that has had a lot of reviews, again please see the reviews at the Fountain Pen Network. Click on N, go to Pilot and Vanishing Point/Capless.

I have two of these pens. The first is an older model, Namiki name, green faceted VP which I purchased about 15 years ago. The second, is a Pilot Black Carbonesque, modern VP which I have had for about 8 years.

Namiki Manufacturing Company was the original name of the Pilot Pen Company, who continued to use the Namiki name for their premium line of writing instruments.

Many people do not like the clip placement on these pens, it interferes with how they hold it. I have never found this to be an issue, but it should be taken into consideration if you are considering buy a VP. I do find that the clip placement is much less noticeable on the older VP since the clip flows into the nib area much more smoothly than the new Carbonesque model.

These pens write smooth, both nibs are M although one of these came with two nib units. I later traded my F nib unit for a Binderized LF oblique, which I was unable to use and later sold.

If I have any complaint about these pens, it is the converter. I have tried and tried to use the converters for these pens and finally gave up. The converters refuse to fill or if they do fill they only fill about 1/2 way and they hold very little ink even when full. I have also found that they leak. Now if I had this experience with only one of these pens I would say that it was operator error, but this happens with both nib units and converters, so I have reverted to cartridges for these pens which I will use and then refill with ink and reuse.


Jackie Flaherty said...

Hi Julie. I enjoyed your review. I have the Pilot Vanishing Point and just love it! It is one of the finest point pens I've ever used. But I've never tried it with the converter, just the refills. I've had mine since 2002- the first fountain pen I spent any amount of money on. Well worth it.

bleubug said...

I don't really like the newer VP designs but I recently got the plastic faceted model like your green one. I like weight and design much better and so far it's been a pleasure to use. No leaking from the converter so far and I'm crossing my fingers. Thanks for the nice pictures and review.

Woodworker said...

Great review Julie. I also have a Vanishing Point which I will review soon. I like the pen very much it writes smooth. The placement of the clip does not bother me at all.

Bertie said...

Thank you very much for the quality of this writing sample - done with care. It's helped me decide on the medium nib ... Happy New Year!

Freeb said...

I've also got the same problem - a leaking converter - in my VP. The issue developed gradually, over a period of months. I'm not a fan of cartridges, so I may have to give it up. A shame, as it's fantastically convenient at work, and, while I'm no connoisseur of FP's, it feels to me very lovely to write with.

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