Friday, September 25, 2009

Featured Pen - Libelle Nature Cocoa Mosaic

This is the Libelle Nature Cocoa Mosaic. The Libelle Nature line comes in several styles and is available from many reputable vendors; including Goldspot, Swisher Pens, Pen City and Bertram's Inkwell just to name a few. I have no relationship with these stores and mention them only for examples. I highly recommend a search of the web if you are interested in this pen.

This pen measures 5-1/2 inches capped, 4-15/19 inches uncapped and 6-1/2 inches posted. It weighs in at a hefty 57 gms, but does not feel particularly heavy when I write with it.

I had a very difficult time finding any background information on this company. Apparently Libelle is a "child-company" of Kenro Industries; this information comes from a post at The Fountain Pen Network by the author of the blog Brassing Adds Character. Here are the basics of his post, which you may read in full here:

"Here's the quick scoop on Libelle. They're a "child company" (in-house owned) of Kenro Industries, who are the North American distributors for Omas and Aurora. Can't recall where the pens are made, but they're of fairly good quality. ... they're a nice pen.

Kenro, BTW, has EXCELLENT customer service. The Libelle leather products are extremely nice too! If you haven't had the chance to play with/hold one of their cases, make the opportunity. For the money, they're a great value. The 5-pen wrap that I have is probably one of the nicest pieces of leather I've ever owned..."

I really like this pen, it was one of the earliest pens that I purchased, when my obsession with fountain pens resurfaced. I honestly do not think that Libelle gets enough recognition. This is a wonderful pen. It is well made and beautiful to look at.


Anonymous said...

I have two Libelle pens - Autumn Leaves and Sea Breeze. I agree with you completely - they are very beautiful and very well made. I've only had mine since the DC Pen Show n August, but I'm very pleased with them.

Tom (Goldspot Pens) said...

FYI on the Libelle brand. Yes, they are owned by Kenro Industries, which is one of the biggest fine-writing distributors in the US. They handle OMAS, Aurora, Libelle, Aquila, and Montegrappa. Libelle is made in the Far East, but has to be one of the highest quality, Asian-manufactured pens that are on the market. This may have to do with the fact that Kenro is extremely customer service oriented and their primary concern is satisfying the pen-buyer with a quality product.

BTW, we sell Libelle, too :

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