Friday, September 11, 2009

Featured Pen - Stipula Vedo

Doing these featured pen posts has been very enlightening. I try to do at least a little research to learn something about the company and the pens that are featured. Stipula is a prime example of that. According to

"Stipula was founded by Renzo Salvadori in the spring of 1973. The company used to produce gold and silver clasps and ornamental fittings for prestigious leather firms. In 1977 the company began to focus primarily on the manufacture of desk accessories and in 1982 began producing pens and fountain pens, first for other trademarks, but beginning in 1991, under its own newly registered trade name, Stipula.

The company has always been renowned for the accuracy in the choice of materials and for the aesthetic elegance of its products."

The Vedo is part of Stipula's Avanguardia Line and is available with a piston filling system or a c/c filling system. I did not have a choice with my pen, since I bought it used from another member of the Fountain Pen Network, it is a c/c fill.

I really like how the Stipula website describes this line of fountain pens:

"Bright colors, semi-precious stones, and variegated acrylic resins are the protagonists of Stipula's Avanguardia line. Fountain pens, cap rollers and ball points with a strictly modern, and sometimes eccentric flair. Balanced and proportional while simultaneously innovative and creative. The Avanguardia line is dedicated to people who find handwriting irresistible."

This pen is light in the hand, 21 gms, and the 1.1 mm italic nib provides wonderful line variation on the page.

Click on the writing sample to see full size:


inkophile said...

Very informative review. I like your blue better than the purple I let go earlier this year. Your c/c flows better than my piston filler did so maybe you got the better model after all.

dandelion said...

Thanks for this feature - I really like the hand written sample, which makes it very hard not to order one :)

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