Saturday, September 26, 2009

Handbound Steampunk Journal

This photo is by Rhonda Miller of MyHandboundBooks

Ok, so I think that I have finally gone off the deep end. My fountain pen obsession is still there, but thankfully the purchasing of same has slowed down, somewhat.

However, that seems to have been replaced with an obsession with paper and art products.

Pastel watercolors, watercolor journals, Copic markers, graphite sketching pencils, sketch journals (all of which would be ok, if I actually had some artistic talent). And then there is the stationary, art postcards and more journals!


Anyway, as part of this expanded obsession (I guess there are a lot of addictions which are worse) I recently acquired this lovely Handbound Steampunk Journal from Rhonda Miller of the Etsy Store MyHandboundBooks.

I found Rhonda's store through Twitter and a Tweet from parksideharmony, who also has a wonderful Etsy store and super blog by the same name.

When I saw this journal I just loved the way that it looked, but was concerned about whether or not it would be fountain pen friendly, so I sent Rhonda a message and she replied that she would be willing to do a fountain pen test on any of the papers that she uses for her books. Here is the description of the journal from her store:

"Handbound leather journal, steampunk style. All of my steampunk journals are entirely one of a kind since most of the various embellishments are literally found objects.

This particular book incorporates an old bit of hardware on the front, probably from an old telephone, made of copper. There is also a bit of chain, and an old key attached. The cover is firm brown cowhide leather. The pages are stained brown around the edges.

This journal is 6" x 4.5" and over 1" thick (or 15.5cm X 11.5cm x 3cm). The pages are handbound using a longstitch and link stitch binding technique, sewn with black linen thread.

Paper is 50lb (74g/m2) Canson drawing paper, ivory, unlined, and stained brown around the edges. There are 320 pages (when you count both sides of each sheet).

Below are my photos, which are not nearly as nice as Rhonda's, but they will give you an idea of the size of the journal, in comparison to a large Rhodia Webnotebook and you can see that the paper does not feather. Although there is some show through, it is not as pronounced as it appears in the photo.

I am going to LOVE using this journal.


PostMuse said...

What a fabulous journal! I like journals, though I don't particularly covet them, until now....

phonelady said...

nice journal my dear I hope you enjoy it .

Shade said...

Personally, I find myself really wanting one of the composition notebook covers, the nice leather ones, from Rennaisance art.
But I remember seeing this.
And coveting it.
What I'd really like is a leather-bound one with a few cogs sewn to the front. Brown.
It's lovely. thanks for the review!

Sam said...

That's the most gorgeous journal I have ever seen, bar none! :)

Sara said...

its gorgeous!

and never say you don't have artistic talent hun! everyone has it - you just need to poke and prod her and get her moving! :)

I am now coveting your notebook... i think i have penvy and now notebook envy issues - seriously.

take care and be well.

Parkside Harmony said...

That's great! I'm so happy that I helped you find a handmade journal!! :)

Jackie Flaherty said...

How you describe yourself in this blog (addictions to pen and paper) is exactly the same way I feel. Thank you for sharing and expressing yourself so well and thanks for sharing this awesome journal. I Love it!


School Supplies Sleuth said...

It's gorgeous!

Deirdre Saoirse Moen said...

Awesome work!

Chris said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, i'm so glad I ran into your blog. I will definitely follow. I also have recently gone fountain pen crazy thanks to OSG webpage. I've always like pens, but hadn't really tried the fountain pens. I've absolutely love them now and just ordered a new one from; if you haven't been there drop by they really have some nice pens at affordable price. I also use or something like that, but jetpens seems to be a little more economically priced. :) Like u say we could b addicted to worse :]
And now, reading your review on this journal I'm afraid I'm gonna have to get one too, that has been another addiction that has been growing. I've even been hiding my purchases from my husband who walked in the other day when I was journaling and inquired had I bought ANOTHER journal? :0

The Archer said...

great journal Julie! is that a blue Rialto? if it is, i have one too, in lacque copper. :)

Julie (Okami) said...

I don't know what the pen is, that particular photo came from Rhonda's Etsy site.

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