Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Giveaway and Review - Hero 616

So I had never tried the Hero pens before and now I find my self with an overflow of them, thanks to fellow blogger DIYSara over at Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Thirty-Something DIYer. Okay, okay, I know that I can't transfer blame for this, BUT if she hadn't been Twittering about these, I would never have even seen them on eBay. However, I'm the one who pushed the BUY IT button, so I have no one to blame but myself.

These are the Hero 616 in carbon fiber and the set of ten in 3 colors (3 burgundy, 3 green and 4 black), was only $13.99 including shipping, so these won't break the bank. For a $1.40 fountain pen they are ok.

The styling is very reminiscent of the Parker 51, with a hooded nib and aerometric style filling system and they write very well.

The filling system takes several pumps to acquire ink and the interior materials are not the highest quality but what do you expect for $1.40. However, in all honesty I think that the ASDA fountain pen sent to me by Sam over at Future; Nostalgic was a much better quality pen for the same price.

Please don't get me wrong though, these are nice pens and ideal for keeping at the office so you don't worry about misplacing your good pen or just to have that extra pen laying around. They are also the ideal pen for a new user who simply wants to try out fountain pens. I took a couple to the office so that I could bring some of my more expensive pens home.

Ok, so I know that by now you're going "ENOUGH already! You said you were going to give something away!"

So here it is:

I have five of these to go to new homes (I already gave a couple away and am keeping one of each color).

How do you win? Post a comment in this blog post by midnight US eastern time on Saturday September 12. I want to allow enough time for everyone who might read this to participate if they wish. If you have a color preference, green, burgundy or black, please indicate it and I will TRY to honor that preference, but I can't promise you'll receive your preferred color.

I will pick 5 winners randomly on Sunday the 13th. Do not feel that you are limited by your geographical location, I'm happy to mail these anywhere worldwide.

If you would like to follow my blog and follow me on Twitter, I'd like that too but it is not a requirement.

So, good luck to all the participants!

(Sorry, the writing sample scanned black but it really is Emerald Green)


phonelady said...

Well You know I want in on this one and since my pen is dead and broken this is perfect . I dont have a color preference . This is going to be great . Great blog . Have a great labor day !!!!

PostMuse said...

This seems like a great pen for work! I have been trucking my only fountain pen (Lamy Safari) back and forth, and worried I'd forget it one day, and that day would be a weekend. A whole weekend without my Safari would be tough ;-)

Kooky Chick said...

Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! :-D I've been itching to try a Hero! :-) This would be great to stick in my school bag, so I'll always have a fountain pen with me! :-) Good luck to everyone!

Sara said...

hehehe i guess i am an enabler too ;)

Please count me in for the giveaway - i am an addict and have no shame! lol!

take care ♥

Michael Ramm said...

I have been wanting to try out a Hero FP. I don't necessarily want a dozen of them to 'try', but one would be great!

Anonymous said...

I would like to get the emerald green one, if that can't be, then the burgundy ones.

devonm @ sasktel dot NET

Digital Alan said...

Thanks for offering this - I would love to win one of your Hero pens


John Johnston said...

What a nice offer! I'd love to win one of the Hero pens. Any color would be fine with me.

R.E. Wolf said...

Yeah, my fountain pens do not go to the office. The monkeys I work with would... no, doesn't even bear thinking about. I'd love one of these.

crow walker said...

Yes, of course, a burgundy would be very nice.
Thanks & Best Wishes.

JoniB said...

I would love a pen! I'm not picky about the color you'd send. I love fountain pens and Hero is the only model I can afford.

Thank you!

Mamacimino said...

I haven't seen these before! What a nice thing you are doing giving away some nice pens. I would love to be randomly chosen and any of the colors would be great! Cheers!

Passion said...

Thanks for the great giveaway Julie! I'd love a green or black one.
Happy Labor Day :)

pickel said...

i just discovered your blog. how wonderful! i am perusing the whole thing. i would love a chance to win one of these pens and i have no color preference. cheers!!!

Carmen said...

ohh, Hero 616 giveaway... I would like that. and yes, I follow your blog, didn't know you were in twitter.

Erin said...

Oh, what a great giveaway. I too have been wanting to try a Hero. Love that fine point. Any color is fine.
Thank you.

Hanna said...

Thanks for the offering! I would very much like to try my luck on this ;-) I love your blog

Jackie Flaherty said...

This is so exciting! Your first giveaway!! I've not tried this pen before and would LOVE to win one. No color preference.
Thanks Much!!

ginigin said...

Please count me in on the give away
I'd like a green if I have a say
I confess to a yen
For another fine pen
But mostly it's just fun to play!

SirCram said...

Congrats and thank you Julie, on your first giveaway.
That Emerald Green one looks nice :o)
I hope my comment registers this time!!

Best of luck,


Mer said...

You may not be a fan, but I love Hero pens. Never seen one of the carbon fiber ones in person, though.

The Archer said...

Hello, Julie! I'd love a green or burgundy. :) That is, if I ever win... Cheers!

Paperman said...

Though I don't write on fountains, count me in on one. I'm trying to improve my handwriting.

Nevertheless, a shout out from Singapore. Thanks for injecting some fun into our online existence!

Laila said...

I was so lucky to stumble across your blog today, and love it! Please enter me in your give-away. I'll put your blog in my bloglines so I can follow it.

all-my-hues said...

How generous of you! I'd like a burgundy colored one, if I win :^)

Inkthusiasm said...

OoOoOh I'm not picky, either will do just fine if I were to win!

sadnessofrain said...

Ooh, these look really cool! I'd like to enter too! No preference on colour, they all look nice ^_^

stev0themarried said...

<--- just dropped his LAMY while talking to a customer and stepped backward to see where it dropped.... stepped directly on the nib of the pen and bent it to kingdom come.... :(
Have mercy. I'm an addicted fountain pen user with no outlet.

....THanks for the chance to win!

stephen k.

dianeb said...

I've seen these on eBay and wondered about them. I've got the Hero 266, a fine point that I really like a lot. These look like workhorses, solid no-frills fountain pens. Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

Charity/ccboobooy said...

I can never have enough pens, and these look great. Thanks for the giveaway. I would prefer black..but will take any color.


charisscharity [at] yahoo [dot] com

Woodworker said...

Great idea this giveaway. It surely gives a lot of comments ;-) Keep up the good work with you beautiful blog!

myLogZ said...

Would love to participate in your giveaway of the Hero pens. :)

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