Sunday, September 20, 2009

Modern Postcards

So a friend from work has become my unwilling sounding board for all things postal and pen. She is not a fountain pen user but her mail envy began to show when I began receiving letters and postcards from far flung places like Ukraine and Grenada, Australia and the Philippines.

So I introduced her to Postcrossing.

If you are not familiar with Postcrossing, you really should check it out. You sign up and send postcards to random people around the globe and better yet (GASP!) you receive cards from random people around the globe! She has gotten so excited about this, she has even gotten her daughters (ages 11 and 14) involved and they are excited. Will wonders never cease? The written word is not dead after all.

So, on her search for postcards, beyond the commercial Florida sunshine and grapefruit variety available at the local discount chain or drugstore; she happened one evening into Sarasota News and Books (unforunately since I composed this post, Sarasota News and Books has closed, a victim of failed negotiations with their landlord).

Sarasota News and Books was a wonderful place (which we are all hoping will reopen in a new location), one of those rare leftovers from a bygone time. A time when you could buy your morning paper and a cup of coffee and sit at a table on the sidewalk, enjoying both and watching the world go by... (sigh)

Well, when she showed me these cards I knew that I had to go check them out. Of course, a book store is a very dangerous place for me, so where I entered looking for maybe a dozen postcards (under $10); I left with 8 postcards, 2 new notebooks (definitely not needed) and a wonderful book find The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (if you are a dog lover or not, you really need to read this book).

But back to the cards. I do not know if the photos are actually taken in Florida, but the ones I purchased certainly look like the could have been. They are the product of Jim Colby and based upon the information on his website, his photos are taken all over the place. But no matter, these are lovely cards, some of the nicest modern cards that I have found and they are reasonably priced - under $1 each.

I purchased 8 of these cards, 4 are featured here and I'll include the other 4 in a future post.

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phonelady said...

they are gorgeous julie . I love the nature photos . Thanks for sharing and a great blog.

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