Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coffee Bean Stationery

Try as I might, I could not find anything anywhere on the web about this stationery. My penpal said that he picked it up for $20 for 50 sheets with matching envelopes but did not indicate where. He also said that it was a little busy for him, but I really like it.

Edit - I great big thanks to PostMuse - This is from Ecopaper

It's on 100% fountain pen friendly though as the ink bleed through preventing continuation of the letter on the back side, but it's pretty.


phonelady said...

yes it is , very pretty and I think since I am a busy type person that I would find a fine fit in this paper . I like it too okami .

PostMuse said...

I think it is looks the same. Very cool paper. I'm going to buy some today :-)

Sam said...

It is, I've had some for ages, which is good as they don't seem to have a UK distributor any more. :( It's the same stuff I made the notebooks from that I blogged about a while ago.

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