Thursday, October 15, 2009

Featured Pen - 1945 Parker Duofold

This has probably been the most difficult Featured Pen post that I have tried to write.

The Parker Pen Company has an extensive history and there are entire websites devoted to these pens. In addition, there are so many expert collectors and historians that I've been terrified that I may say something that is inaccurate.

So, for the history and facts I'm going to provide you with a few resources:

My pen is a Parker "Striped" Duofold Senior, made in the 3rd quarter of 1945.

The following is borrowed from Dr. Isaacson's website :

Senior is the largest model of striped Duofold. The series ran from 1940-1948. As large as a Slender Maxima Parker Vacumatic, it employs the Vac's filling system. The Duofold is a high quality pen which features the marbled-striped celluloid on a pen which essentially is a Parker Vacumatic. More than 100 variants can be identified.

This pen has a nice deep imprint and beautiful details. There is a small amount of brassing on the clip, but none elsewhere and the blue diamond is still blue.

The nib on this pen is typical of most Parker's of this era, fine and rigid, but very smooth. When I purchased this pen it was unrestored and after the restoration it was clear that this pen was a beauty. The celluloid has little ambering in the ink window and because of the potential to stain the interior of this pen I have been confined to using nonsaturated inks.

In my case until I can find something better I have limited myself to filling it only with Parker Quink Blue Black or Black.


Sam said...

What a lovely pen. I must admit to having a bit of a soft spot for vintage Parkers, though I'm not keen on the company's more modern offerings. This has to be one of the nicest Duofold Seniors I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing! :)

phonelady said...

Yes I have to agree with Sam that is a beautifull pen and yeah there is something to be said for vintage , perhaps better made . Thanks for sharing this with us .

Woodworker said...

Wooow I love this one.

Anonymous said...

nice penmanship

Laura Eno said...

What a beautiful pen! I had wondered if you had a blog, now I know. :)

Fr. Fred Ball, OEF said...

I picked up one of these - also a 1945 Duofold Senior in the blue pearl color - at a pen show here in Little Rock yesterday. I love how it writes. Very smooth.

I can see the 5 on the imprint, but how do you tell which quarter it was made?

Julie (Okami) said...

Fr. Fred - there are little dots around the 5 - see the post here which shows the dating system

Fr. Fred Ball, OEF said...

Thanks so much!

Julie (Okami) said...

My pleasure

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