Thursday, October 22, 2009

Featured Pen - Lamy Safari

So, what can I say different about a pen which has been reviewed to death?

Begin edit: As the result of some comments received I have decided to expand my review to actually include a review:

The Safari is a durable, comfortable and extremely smooth writer. I comes in a variety of colors so everyone should be able to find one they can live with. I have more that one because I like the option of a variety of nibs and don't want to be constantly changing the nib on one pen.

If I have one complaint it is that the pen does not come standard with an ink converter. You have to purchase the converter seperately and not all of the vendors carry it.

On the plus side you can buy different nibs ranging from XF to 1.9mm calligraphy and the Lamy nib is a breeze to change. Also, the same nibs fit the Al Star and Vista pens.

I previously owned a Lamy mechanical pencil but was resistant to the pens, but after all the rave reviews I gave in and purchased my first Safari, now I have three (I think that actually constitutes a pack rather than a herd). End edit

Don't just take my word for it, the Lamy Safari is a workhorse plus and has positive reviews all over the web. Look at the other reviews and then buy a Lamy! This is a great entry level pen since it is priced under $30.

There are no less than 20 reviews of this pen on the Fountain Pen Network which may be read in this thread - just click on the L and scroll down to Safari. These reviews have been completed by knowledgeable people such as Stephanie from The Spiritual Evolution of the Bean and Woodworker from InkyJournal and John Johnston over at Coffee-Stained Memos.

So enjoy the photos - Lime Green, Pink and Grey - with a range of nibs, .9 mm italic, fine and OM - plus I have a spare medium and 1.5mm calligraphy nib.

Click on writing sample to enlarge:


Philip said...

I love my Lamy Safaris. Now that I have pens ten times the cost, I still use my Safari often.
Is that Rhodia paper that the sample is on?

Julie (Okami) said...

Hi Philip

Yes, I use a Rhodia No 16 pad for all my writing samples in my reviews.

Guess I should say that from now on :-)

Gentian said...

Pretty! I am really happy I got the Lamy Joy. Thanks for your recommendations and help!

Stephanie said...

I love my Lamy Safari. Fairly cheap (good for the college student like myself!) and writes so well for me. I think it's become my favorite pen ever in the last few months.

dianeb said...

Great review Julie. I bought my first Lamy, an Al-Star with an extra fine nib, a few weeks ago and am enjoying it.

Patrick - The Norsk Woodshop said...

I just bought one yesterday! Looking forward to some nice journaling on my up coming vacation.

Guy said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice handwriting! I once had a yellow Safari, never warmed up to it, traded it for something else. I recently bought a charcoal Safari with 1.1 italic nib and have changed my mind about the pen. The more I use it the better I like it.

I'm at the point of considering a M or B in pink and/or lime. - Sailor Kenshin

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