Friday, October 2, 2009

Featured Pen - The Mentmore "46"

The following is from the site Writetime:

"MENTMORE pens were made in Hackney, East London, UK, between the 1920's and the late 1940's. They are attractive, exceptionally well-made, and were deservedly very popular, especially between 1946 and the mid 1950's. Mentmore also manufactured for several other distributors and they, themselves, also used the brand name of Spot."

Here is an archive of the company website which will provide history of the company, which by the way is actually Platignum Pen Company. You may also go here to Mentmore Luxury Pens for more information about their more modern offerings.

This is a pen which intrigued me because of it's unique nib shape. Reminiscent of the Parker 51, yet different. I was unable to find the source but I recall reading that this pen was designed to try to compete with the Parker 51, but never found the market that the 51 captured.

The pen has a Permobrite cap, which is beginning to show signs of wear and has a button filling ink system. Richard Binder's website has wonderful reference information and a good description of all the different filling systems including the button filler here: Fountain Pen Filling Systems.

The nib is rather fine and although I do like this pen, I tend to prefer italics and stubs so do not use it as often as some other pens in the stable.

Personal note: If you have been reading my Featured Pen posts you may notice that I say that all of these pens are wonderful and I really like them. Well, here is why...these are all pens from my personal collection and honestly, with one or two exceptions, I do not hang on to pens that I don't like. I am a pen user and do not acquire them just for the sake of acquistion. That said I hope that I have been able to share some useful information on the fountain pen makes and models that I own and enjoy. In the process I've managed to learn alot about the history of my pens and I hope that you have been enjoying them also.


Sam said...

What a gorgeous pen, and with such an unusual nib. I don't think I've ever seen a Mentmore before, but I'll certainly keep an eye out for them after such a wonderful review.

phonelady said...

that is a nice pen yes do hang onto them .you never know when one will break .

jevvv said...

I saw on the pen network that you were thinking of selling this one last year. Did that ever happen?

Julie (O-kami) said...

Nope, jevvv I still have this pen. Are you interested in buying it?

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