Thursday, October 29, 2009

Featured Pen - The Unknown Brit

No one seems to know what it is, I even took it to the Miami Pen Show with me and had Andreas Lambrou, author of Fountain Pens of the World look at it. He thought that it was probably British and since it came to me from an FPN member in Wales, it has thus been dubbed "The Unknown Brit."

This is actually a nice little pen. When I purchased it I knew that it was unnamed and that it had a broken clip, so I removed the clip, turning it into a clipless and named it.

The main reason I purchased it, and fairly inexpensively, is the lovely little flexible warranted nib. I'm horrible with flex but I keep on trying and this little nib is fun to play with.

Note - the paper is, as usual, Rhodia Bloc No. 16.

Click on writing sample to enlarge:


phonelady said...

you have such lovely handwritting . I wish mine was anywhere near yours I would be happy with that . Oh well we will talk soon .

Laura Eno said...

You will never see my horrible scribble! (always done in pencil) :)

Marisa Birns said...

Have always loved writing with fountain pens! The Unknown Brit is quite handsome.

Is that your handwriting? Quite lovely.

Diane said...

That's great. About how old is the Brit?

Julie (Okami) said...

Thanks for all the comments -

1 - yes, that is my handwriting, thank you for the complement, my better half can't read it LOL

2 - not sure of the pen's age, but it is a lever fill and from the materials it must be at least 50 years old

bengkia said...

out of curiosity, what size is the nib?

I'm dying to get a pen with a flexible nib too, but i realised i need to improve my handwriting first. Your handwriting is very nice, so you don't have that problem. :)

Julie (Okami) said...

No size indication on the nib, it just says "Warranted 14 ct 1st Quality" but it is a small nib

Rick Hein said...

When you use a fountain pen, your handwriting will show almost immediate improvement. Take the plunge!

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