Monday, November 16, 2009

100 Maverick Postcards

So I recently went on another postcard hunt although unlike my other searches this one was confined to the internet and I have made a wonderful discovery, Amazon is a good place to find postcards. Who knew?

So I found three sets - 30 of VanGogh's paintings for TODTRI Book Publishers, 30 Wanderlust USA cards from Chronicle Books (which unfortunately have ended up not availabe so I will have to find them elsewhere), and the postcards which this post is concerned with.

These are 100 Maverick Postcard: Pictures, Images and Thoughts for Each Conceivable Occassion by Alan Fletcher.

The following is taken directly from the Amazon website:

About the Author
Alan Fletcher belonged to that elite international group of designers who transcended the conventional boundaries of their craft. In a long and distinguished career he has been associated with some of the most progressive patrons of modern design, including Reuters, Lloyds of London, IBM, Herman miller, Olivetti, Pirelli, Fortune and Domus magazines. He has tackled every facet of design with a style and purpose that have marked him out as one of the most admired designers of his generation. There is perhaps nobody else who inhabited the world of ideas, wit and ambiguity in graphic design in quite the same way. Born in Kenya in 1931, he survived the wartime Blitz in London, and embarked on a first career as a student - at Hammersmith, the Central School, the Royal College of Art and finally Yale University. He then worked in the United States and Italy, and on returning to London he helped form the now legendary design consultancy Fletcher Forbes Gill. In 1962 he was a founder member of the design group Pentagram, with whom he has stayed for 20 years. He then worked independently from his own studio in London, and was consultant Art Director to Phaidon Press. His books Beware Wet Paint: the Designs of Alan Fletcher (1996) and The Art of Looking Sideways (2001) are both published by Phaidon.

Imagine my amazement when I opened the box and found this wooden box wrapped in paper and measuring 5" x 8-3/4". Well needless to say these postcards were larger than I expected, but they are wonderful. Below are two of my favorites.

Now like most modern postcards the paper is slick, however I have found that it accepts fountain pen ink very well, it simply requires a little more patience and drying time. I have already sent out several of these and simply allowed them to dry overnight before applying my usually layer of candle wax over the ink to protect it from the elements.

At a retail price of $19.95 these postcards would have been a bargain, but the Amazon price was only $13.57 and that's a price that I think is pretty hard to beat anywhere.

Below is the insert that came with the cards which shows all 100 cards and a scan of most of the box wrapper.


Sara said...

these are great! i really need to get some postcards - my list of "thank you"s to send out is so embarrassingly long. (one is due to you meh dear :D

phonelady said...

wow those are too cute . Have you ever thought about making your own postcards ? I think that would be great . Of course I am one of the world worst crafters so that is out for me but I have heard of other ppl doing their own postcards . these are too foo fa lah .

Gentian said...

That's a great collection. I love Phaidon books. they put out some really great stuff.

PostMuse said...

I remember being very sad when I learned Alan Fletcher had died. I bought this box set years ago at a Borders Books. I have The Art of Looking Sideways and when I saw the postcards, I couldn't resist, and they were in a bargain bin for $3.99! That was back in 2005, before he died. I bet the postcards don't make it to bargain bins anymore.

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