Monday, November 2, 2009

Double Review: Quo Vadis Habana and Rhodia Webnotebook

Karen Doherty from Exaclair, Inc. was kindly giving away 15 Habana notebooks for review over at the QuoVadis Blog (if you don't follow you should). Needless to say I jumped at the chance since this is one of the notebooks that I had not yet tried.

Since I purchased a Rhodia Webnotebook, now known as the Webbie, a few months ago and have been meaning to compose a review on it, this has spurred me to combine the reviews and post on both of these products.

Both of these are the Large and as you can see the Habana is quite a bit larger than the Webbie, while the Webbie is thicker.

The Quo Vadis Habana

From the Exaclair Website:

"What's special about this notebook?

Hard cover, leather look & feel
Inside pocket for notes, cards
Extra white, super smooth ruled paper by Clairefontaine
Acid-free & pH neutral
Elegant round corners
Elastic closure
Discreet embossed logo
Slim & compact

Available in two sizes:

Large Notebooks
6 1/4 x 9 1/4"
90 g paper
80 sheets

Pocket Notebooks
4 x 6 3/8"
64 g paper
96 sheets

Contemporary colors: Black, Blue, Red and Taupe"

The Habana has bright white smooth paper, which I love, and it is lightly lined. I prefer unlined notebooks as journals but I can live with lines when the notebook has high quality paper and construction.

Although the description says that the cover is hard, I find it to be fairly flexible. It's not going to fold, but the flexibility makes it comfortable in my hands. I know that's not a very good description, but I don't know how else to say it.

When open The Habana lies very flat, which is a big plus for a lot of users, I'm not quite so particular but it is nice.

The back cover has a nice big pocket to store loose papers, notes, photos, etc. Because of the size of this notebook this pocket will probably be more useful than the pocket on many of the smaller notebooks.

It's not mentioned in the description but the Habana does have a ribbon marker.
The Rhodia Webnotebook (The Webbie)

From the Exaclair website:

"Characteristics :

•Italian leatherette hard cover
•90 g ivory Clairefontaine paper
•Expanding pocket
•Elastic closure
•Round corners"

In addition, The Webbie is available in two sizes, A5(5½ x 8¼") and A6(3½ x 5½"). Both sizes contain 96 sheets of paper. The Webbie is only available in two colors, the trademark Rhodia Orange or Black.

The Webbie prominently displays the Rhodia logo front and center on the cover, much like their other products. It would be nice on a product of this quality if the logo were placed more discreetly, either smaller on the front lower corner or on the back.

The cover of the Webbie is very stiff and has no flexibility. The 96 sheets of ivory colored, lightly lined paper are smooth and wonderful to write on.

The spine on the Webbie is a little tighter than the Habana, but it also lays open very flat and the pocket on the inside back cover has plenty of room.

Okay, on to the most important information of the review, the writing part, click on either photo to enlarge.

As always, Clairefontainte paper provides a smooth writing surface with no feathering. It accepts even the broadest nibs with ease.

The paper does not have any bleed through and just a minimal amount of show through with the darker more saturated inks.

As usual an A++ perfomance and both notebooks meet the expected standards long established by Rhodia, QuoVadis and Clairefontaine.

If it came down to an ultimate decision between these two, for me I would choose the Habana. I like the Webbie very much, but I prefer the Habana's bright white paper and the feel of the semi-flexible cover. For quality, either is an extremely good choice and this preference is purely personal.


phonelady said...

I love the rhobia s they are just too awesome for words . thanks for sharing dear and have a great day .

dianeb said...

Thanks for the review. I do like bright white paper when I'm writing, although I like the look of ivory paper.

Sam said...

Great post! I think I like both the Webbie and Habana equally, or at least I'm sure I will once I manage to get my hands on a Habana. On balance I think I prefer ivory paper at the moment, but I do like the look of the Habana's fold-flat cover.

Note Booker, Esq. said...

If only they made either one of these with narrower ruling! My handwriting goes to heck with wide ruling.

jmwhitus said...

My journal for next year will be the Habana. I need the extra real estate of the larger page size. I do wish it had the Webbie's 96 pages though.

Thanks for the side by side review.

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