Thursday, December 24, 2009

Featured Pen - Levenger True Writer

You don't have to be a fan of fountain pens to know who Levenger is. They are a large presence in the high end office accessory, desk stuff, pen stuff, leather accessories world and should need no introduction. But if you are in the minority of people who have never heard of them here is a small introduction.

Levenger was founded by Steve and Lori Leveen (by the way you can follow Steve on Twitter) because they were unable to properly light the livingroom in their first home so they could both read. They set out to correct that for all of us and started Levenger Design Company with the motto "Serious Lighting for Serious Readers" in 1987.

Since that time, Levenger has expanded to include the design center and headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida; stores in Boston, Chicago, Boca Raton and the DC area and in addition to the traditional catalog. They also have an eBay presence at the Levenger Outlet.

Please read more about this company on their website here: Who is Levenger and Company History.

These pens are both Levenger branded Truewriters. The top is the Obsidian pen with a stub nib and the bottom is a demonstrator in Fireball.

The demonstrator is a pen that I acquired from the Outlet when they were being discontinued. I also acquired a bottle of the Fireball fountain pen ink with it. This is a great color and was part of a pack of fountain pen colors that Levenger dubbed "Slightly Wild". It is unfortunate that they were discontinued.

The Obsidian pen was acquired with a F nib, which I subsequently traded to an FPN member for her stub. At that time, the only way to acquire the Levenger stub was either in a pen or as part of a set. This nib is now available to purchase individually.

Which brings me to another great feature of the Truewriter, like the Pelikan and the Esterbrook, the nibs on these pens screw out for easy swapping. You can own one and purchase other sizes to expand your writing options.

The stub nib can be a little tempermental but I have found that it is generally very reliable and although the Levenger F is more of an M these pens are comfortable to use and of very good quality. They are reasonably priced and in my opinion a good addition to the collection of any fountain pen user.

Paper is Rhodia Bloc No 16 - click on image to enlarge:


phonelady said...

nice pens thanks for the reviews .

Gentian said...

They are pretty. I really like the colour of the demonstrator.

KjM said...

Always wondered about the Levenger Truewriters. I have the Slightly Wild set of six inks and love them.

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