Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simon Drew Postcards

These irreverent and hilarious postcards were sent to me by my friend Sam over at Future; Nostalgic.

I have found these cards to be very fountain pen friendly and have already sent a number of them to my postcard swapping friends.

I do have to admit though that I don't get some of them. It must be a British thing.

I fully understand most of them but if anyone would like to explain the Spot the Car card (I did figure out at least three of these, can you?) or this Spot the Football Club card it would be appreciated.


phonelady said...

Oh sam has such an eye does he not ? oh i now have post card envy LOL !!! thanks for sharing and posting my dear .

Sam said...

I do love those postcards! I'm so pleased you're having fun with them.

Right then, the cars:

1. Ford. It's a ford!
2. Renault. Wren - hoe.
3. BMW. Bee - hemp - double "you."
4. Volksvagen. Forks - wag - gun.
5. Beats me! ;)
6. Lamborghini. Lamb - bikini.

Hope that helps. ;) said...

I really like that housewife (or is it mousewife?) card! Thanks for posting!

Gina said...

I wonder if #4 in Spot the Car is a Volkswagen (Forks + Wag + Gun)?

I don't know. I sure seems like it's some sort of puzzle with clues though, doesn't it?

Ah to be British...

Julie (Okami) said...

Ok, I had solved #3, #4 and #6. Missed the Ford and the Renault.

If you can tell me #5 and want to email me you address, I'll write you a card on this stumper.

Gina said...

I got #5 -- Cry + Slur -- Chrysler!

Postmuse said...

These are fantastic! I will have to locate them for my burgeoning collections :-)

Julie (Okami) said...

Thanks Gina - that card will be on it's way to you soon.

Same offer on the Football Card - first person to give me the solutions email your address and I'll send you the postcard. FYI - my email can be found in my profile.

Rob Smith said...

Football Clubs:

1. Arsenal
2. ???? Argh this is going to annoy me
3. Bolton Wanderers
4. Blackburn Rovers
5. Sunderland
6. Huddersfield
7. Totenham Hotspur (this one took a while)

Anyone know the 2nd one?

Anonymous said...

Aha - sudden flash of inspiration on the drive home:

Football team number 2 is Crewe Alexandra


I claim my prize!


(You know my address Julie - I'm your favourite Watford based FPNer)

Julie (Okami) said...

Thanks Carl - and thanks to all who participated in this little game.

The postcard will be off in the mail very soon.

ginigin said...

I love what Simon drew - especially the Cat-a-tonic. I need one now because I am. I think I have #5 on the cars, maybe. Is it a Town Car?? Town Crier! Way cool - let us know where we can find these. Ginigin (you knows me)

Julie (Okami) said...

Gini - #5 was Chrysler - cry + slur - I have been unable to locate a US distibutor for postcards but you can acquire his notecards here: Drew&type_menu=Greeting+Cards

The other option is to contact someone in the UK and get them to send them to you. :-)

Toby said...

#2 on the football one. Crew Alexander. Crew R Lick Sander.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me the answer to no 5 on the spot the song postcard? it's driving me mad!!
1.Whistle whale ewe wok.
2.waiter shade of pale
3.raindrops keep 4 link on my hesd
4. mole o kin tyre
5.???????????? HELP!
6. lets beggin egg hen !

Anonymous said...

Number 5 - spot the song

Think Tom Jones !!!!

Grin, Grin + Grass + of + Foam

"Green, Green grass of Home"

Last song is not beggin again but Letw Twist again (like Oliver Twist)

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