Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Featured Pen - Pilot VPen and Varsity

Please click to enlarge: (Paper is Bloc Rhodia No 18)

I received the VPen as the runner up prize in the handwriting contest over at Tiger Pens.

I received the Varsity from my friend and author, Daniel Pyle, (please go buy his book Dismember either at Wild Child publishing or now available at It really is a great read.)

Obviously, someone took the time to grind this F nib to an Italic. [Editors Note: my friend Daniel did the grind on this nib and did a very fine job on it]. If you wonder why please head over to Miscellany & Cacophony and read about Brad's experience. What I can tell you is that this pen writes great for a "disposable" pen.

Although these pens are technically throwaways, you can refill them. So check out these blogs and the detailed instruction that they provide:

The Missive Maven - Pilot Varsity Refilled

Good Pens - Refilling your Pilot Varsity Disposible Fountain Pen


The Missive Maven said...

Alas, my dear, the V-Pen has been discontinued. Enjoy yours while it lasts. The Varsity, of course, is still around, but I highly preferred the V-Pen. *sigh*

Thanks for the link to my Varsity-refilling blog post, though!

phonelady said...

oh wow i will look for one of those pilot varsity pens just for the refilling aspects of it .thanks julie you are an awesome friend.

Chris said...

i have to confess that despite its disposable nature, this is one of my favorite pens. You can order them for $2 a piece including shipping from, but if you like mother nature, get a bunch because they sent me a single pen in a huge box.

was curious aboutthe v-pen but it looks like it is discontinued so I'll just pretend I never saw it heh.

More than anything though, i am super psyched about refilling this bad puppy. I'd imagine that it writes even better with some decent ink:)

Tony Harrison - Shaman said...

I thought the Varsity was the US equivelent (sp) of the V-Pen, which is still available up here in Canada. So if you really like the Vpen and are heading north or know someone going that way then get them to pick you up one.

Julie (Okami) said...

Tony - I think you are correct. As far as I know, the V-Pen in readily available in the UK also.

John Johnston said...

I really enjoy the Varsity. While the ink goes down a bit wet, it flows nicely and its a comfortable pen. As inexpensive as they are, not sure I would go to the trouble of refilling one, but nice to know it is possible.

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Custom writing said...

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Daniel Pyle said...

The someone who ground the Varsity nib was me. =) Glad you like it.

And thanks for linking to DISMEMBER.


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