Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cat Yoga Anyone?

A friend of mine and I went shopping and out to lunch a week or so before my birthday back in November. There is a small shop where we were that used to carry all sorts of cat stuff. Unfortunately, that shop has closed but the store downstairs is carrying some of the products that she once carried for old timers like me when we come looking.

As you all know by now, we have dogs, large dogs and a breed which is not particularly fond of cats. However, I am a cat lover and until we were adopted by our first Akita I had ALWAYS had at least one cat.

So I have a soft spot in my heart for cats and could not resist these cards when I saw them. I also have a lot of cat loving friends who will enjoy receiving these cards and even if you are not a cat fan you just have to laugh at the look on the face of the cat on the card below.

These cards are based upon the book Cat Yoga: Fitness and Flexibility for the Moder Feline by Rick Tillotson and if you cannot purchase them locally you can order them directly from Random House, Inc. These are only four of the 16 designs that you receive in the package of 32 postcards.


Laura Eno said...

I LOVE these! Thanks for the link!

Sam said...

I love those cards! I think my favourite is Virabhadrasana - the look on that cat's face just cracks me up; and it looks rather like my cat Nettle.

safetycomfort said...

Absolutely brilliant, gave me a good giggle.Thanks for sharing, have posted a link to this page on Facebook :-)

phonelady said...

gota love them cat cards !!!

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