Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wanderlust - 30 Postcards from America

I finally found those Wanderlust postcards I tried to purchase from Amazon a few months ago, here at eBooksWeb.

This set is 30 postcards from America and the back of the box reads: "Get your pix on Route 66! Buckle up and journey down the fabled highways and byways of America the Beautiful with this adventurous collection of 30 roadtrip-ready postcards."


lady dandelion said...

I want to go! Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to travel to the US this summer, but these cards makes me want to go now! I really like your postcard posts!

Stephanie said...

Wanderlust is so fun! I have the stationery set, though I don't use it often enough. I love the pictures of going places.

phonelady said...

oh im jealous I love these you are awesome and what an awesome find .

JoniB said...

So cool. I look at them and feel the pull of the open road! (Deep, dreaming breath here.)

glassy~ said...

My hubby and I went via Route 66 this past summer, 2 weeks of it! Your post cards are right on!
We stayed at certain places a day, some we stayed for three days.
It looks like my album. I took so many pictures of what looked like nothing to other people but to us, it was heaven!

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