Thursday, April 29, 2010

Letts of London Notebooks

My friend and fellow blogger, Lady Dandelion, suggested a swap some time ago for either the Exaclair Quo Vadis Habana notebook that I received from Exaclair or the Rhodia Webbie that I had purchased. Since I really preferred the paper in the Habana ( however as soon as the blank Webbie is available I will own one) I agreed to trade the Webbie. I also knew that since she is in Sweden, it would be much more difficult for her to obtain a Webbie.

The trade was for this lovely Letts of London baroque notebook, in brown. This is a lovely notebook, from the outside.

However, inside is a different story. The paper is not even close to the quality found in the Habana or the Webbie. With most fountain pens, the show through and the bleed through are bad and although I am disappointed with this notebook it is my current journal and I will just confine my writing to one side of the paper. As LadyD noted the paper is only lined on one side, leaving the back side for sketching or whatever. If the quality of the paper were better that would be great, but...

It does have a nice pocket in the back, I ribbon marker and a decent elastic closure.


Stephanie said...

That's too bad about the paper quality - but at least you got to try something new! :)

Julie (Okami) said...

It's ok with some pens and inks but not others - kind of like a Moleskine. But that's ok - otherwise it's a pretty nice notebook.

Anonymous said...

I can't help it - every time you post a photo like the last one I HAVE to nosey at the background stuff.

I see two snorkels, an orange Safari, and a Reform 1745. Then I'm stuck; must do more revision in pen identification.


Julie (Okami) said...

Wow - I did realize that there was do much in the background of that photo. Let me help:
Edison Huron Bulb filler, Skyline Executive, Wality 70B, Stipula Vedo, Lamy 2000 and I'm not sure what the last one is. Now you can work on which is which :-)

Anonymous said...

Still stumped but the writing comparisons are interesting - Stipula 1.1 gives a nice line and interestingly better than the Platinum music.

Also interesting that the Skylines cause feathering (even with the same ink as the Stipula). So many variables and permutations. Just goes to show you should never write off any pen/ink/paper until you have tried several combinations.

Horrible bleed through - I have never rated Letts for FPs. Pretty covers (pretty price usually too), bad paper - no doubt made for ball pen users.

Carl said...

O, your handwriting is so nice! Great samples. It really is a pity that the paper is inferior compared to the Rhodia 90 g webbie and the Leuchtturm.

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