Thursday, May 6, 2010

Featured Pen - Edison Huron Bulb Filler

This is a LONG overdue post.

If you have been collecting or using fountain pens for a while you probably know who Brian Gray is and you know about the Edison Pen Company. If not, it's time to learn.

Brian makes gorgeous fountain pens from a variety of materials, including ebonite and acrylic. Please go to his Flickr site to see a wide selection of his beautiful pens.

When I first saw the bulb fillers I knew that I wanted one. It was just a matter of committing to it.

I hemmed and hawed for months, but finally I gave in. Then I had decisions to make, because this is not just a matter of going online, clicking the "Add to Cart" button and checking out.

These are custom, "made to order pens"...what model? (Huron) what material did I want? (black and grey ebonite) did I want a transluscent window? (yes) If so, what color? (smoke) did I want a clip? (no) what nib? (steel, cursive italic) decisions, decisions... so I ordered my pen in October of last year and received it in January.

Brian hand turns each pen. The materials are cemented, drilled, turned, ground, threaded, polished and whatever other terms apply, by Brian on his lathes. These are not kit pens, they are works of art.

They are also a pleasure to use. I love the clean, streamlined look of this pen without a clip. I never post and sometimes my cap rolls away from me, but I'm always misplacing caps with clips or without.

If you really want to, you can even seen Brian, making this pen. My friend and fellow blogger, Bleubug, recorded the live feed and sent it to me (it is on YouTube in five 10 minute parts) or you may watch Brian, live in his shop, when he is working via uStream.

This is a large pen. It measures 6-7/8 inches long capped, 5-1/8 inches long uncapped and a whopping 7-7/16 inches posted (I never post my pens so this is not an issue). Although this is a large pen, it is not a heavy pen and I would describe it as solid and comfortable.

After a while writing with the steel cursive italic nib, which I really like, I decided that I should have gotten a stub nib. So, since I was buying a new nib I figured that I might as well make it an 18kt gold nib:

Click on photo for larger view:


Speedmaster said...

Great post! ;-)

Tortoise said...

I love the colors in that pen! Looks like a grayish-brown, one of my favorites. Thanks for the great review!

Sam said...

What a gorgeous pen! One day... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

S'nice :-)

Now work out how I can afford one (you push it - you've gotta supply the means)!

Excellent setting for the photos too.


Julie said...

I'm glad to finally see more detailed photos of your Huron! It's very handsome.

mischief said...

My mouth is watering at these pens. That's a little strange I know, but woaaah

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