Monday, May 10, 2010

Levenger's Circa System - Junior Size

I began running into problems with my pen, ink and correspondence journal. Nothing wrong with the book itself, I just ran out of room for new pens and I could NEVER find an address. I needed something new.

I had been wanted to try Levenger's Circa System, but had heard bad things about the paper quality. Well, that didn't really matter too much to me, since I planned to design my own forms. So I purchased the Junior size starter kit and the bigger investment, the Circa desk punch.

I don't know that I would ever spend the money on another cover. Because the start kit comes with transluscent plastic covers I was able to take a doodle I had done and make my own cover out of it, please meet Frankendoodle. As a result, I have a notebook which is uniquely mine.

The kit came with dividers and a number of types of forms, honestly I'm not sure where those standard forms are now because I knew what I wanted and created my own.

First, I needed a way to keep up with my pens and what ink they contain, the beauty of the Circa system is that I can keep the pens in alphabetical order and when I purchase a new pen I just add a new page, no more flipping through every page of my notebook.

Next, I needed pages for the people I write letters to. This form needed a little more information. In addition to the standard (name, address, etc) I added a space for their FPN screen name, Twitter name or blog if they have one and a place for notes, like spouse and pets names, birthday, etc. Then, of course, the date the letter is written, the paper, pen and ink used.

Then I just modified the letter form for postcards.

The beauty of the Circa is that I can move the pages around. If someone I've been swapping postcards with decides they would prefer to write letters I can just move them.

I love my Circa - now one other thing I had to do was buy bigger discs, the 3/4 inch discs that came with the kit, just could not accomodate the pages that I knew this book would expand too, so I added the largest, 1-1/2 inch.

Finally, the forms on this post are all .jpgs that you are welcome to download for your own use. If you would prefer the forms in a .pdf or Word .doc format just email me (go to my profile to access my email) and I'll be happy to send you the forms. Oh yeah, I use Neenah 24lb Classic Crest for all my forms.


Jackie Flaherty said...

Thanks, Julie! I really enjoyed learning about how you use your circa. I have the larger one and found it too bulky to carry around with me, so maybe I should have got the jr size. I also got the circa sampler kit and you gave me some great ideas for different ways I can set that up. Thank you!

PostMuse said...

I love the circa system, though I haven't invested in one since experience shows I don't keep up with paper when I have the most amazing digital system around. I currently have 7,000 contacts (obviously I save every contact, including the one-offs) and hard copy is not really an option. But, your post makes me think again how wonderful it would be to have a hardcopy correspondence journal to carry around when I'm traveling and want to remember particular likes a favorite correspondent has in postcards without having to pull out my phone. So much nicer to have a journal to pull out. I could organize it by themes ....

JoniB said...

Wow, you are so organized! This gives me an idea on how to recycle my Franklin Covey planner since I'm ditching it at the end of this year in favor of a Quo Vadis model.

Most excellent post!

Tom said...

The circa pages has changed my life. I've done spiral, trapper keeper, binder and legal pad. Nothing really satisfied until I was introduced to the Circa. Great idea to get the hole punch, and you definitely need the XL rings. Those are the best two mods for those who want to use their circa as their master notebook.

Linda said...

Great post.
I, too, have a love affair with the Circa notebook system.
I use the junior size for basics such as journaling, etc.
Has anyone started with the Compact size?? I have been on a sort of campaign to ask Levenger to reconsider fully stocking the supplies, paper, agendas, and forms in the ultra convenient Compact size.
While I am happy that Customer Service has recently advised me that the Compact sized agenda for 2011 will be available this year---it would be fantastic if the Compact size covers would come back to production. It's the perfect size for slipping into a purse or tote bag. And the Compact sized paper will fit perfectly into either of the two larger sizes, as a way to add smaller notes in the main notebook.
For now -no covers besides the plastic--
I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that the powers that be consider bringing these covers back!

Mona said...

Wow. This is so organized. I think I should start keeping a notebook for my own correspondence!

Stephanie said...

This puts my little notebook with when I wrote a last letter and my incoming letters to shame. ;) I suppose I don't have as many penpals though - and I certainly don't have as many pens I need to remember when they were last inked, etc.! What a cool, extremely organized system though. Is this notebook basically like a binder?

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