Monday, May 24, 2010

Ultimate Recyling - Making Your Own Envelopes

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Back in February The Missive Maven did a post on making envelopes and reviews of some wonderful tools used to make those envelopes.

I wasn't quite ready to purchase any tools, so I found an envelope that I liked and I carefully opened it up. Then I traced the envelope onto Strathmore's 300 Series Bristol Art paper. This is 100 lb paper so it is fairly stiff and provided a good base for my envelope template. I had previously used the paper for some doodles that I didn't care anything about keeping, so I recycled this too.

I found that my template was too large for some of the pages I chose to us as envelopes so I ultimately copied it and made smaller templates also.So I now have three sizes to choose from.
The source for my envelopes has been varied: old calendars, ads from some of my pen magazines (making sure there were no article on the flip side), some colleagues at the office have been depositing copies of Birds & Blooms in the lunchroom and I even picked up a copy of Ideals Country. These all provide great sources for envelope making.

So I select my page, trace the envelope template onto the page, cut and fold. I then use Elmer's All Purpose Glue Stick to hold it all together and to seal the flap when I am ready to mail.

I have been writing the mailing address on self stick labels and then covering with shipping tape, since I use fountain pen. I also have a return address stamp that I have been doing the same with.

This last envelope had some white space around the page that I used to write my return address and I did a final seal with my wax and personal seal.

Don't be afraid to try this, it really is simple and a lot of fun. I've had a lot of positive comments from the people to whom I have sent these.


bleubug said...

Very nice idea!

JoniB said...

Speaking as one of your lucky recipients, I enjoy receiving these. I've also saved them because they are too pretty to throw away. Thanks for the how-to's!

Stephanie said...

It's a great idea when you can get stiff paper like that easily. I'm impressed you made your own templates, too! I might have to start raiding paper recycling bins and doing the same. ;)

phonelady said...

speaking of doing this I get old maps and do this also and yes it is so much fun and everyone loves them .

Palimpsest said...

I love this idea! Very inspiring. I think I might immitate you soon. said...

This is such a great way of recycling nice paper and pictures - also a happy recipient of one of these personal, original, true LE envelopes! :)

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