Thursday, June 17, 2010

Featured Pen - Platinum 3776 Music Nib

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The Platinum Pen Company has been around for a very long time, established in 1919 as Nakaya Seisakusho, the company changed it's name to Platinum Pen Company in 1924. In 1978, the company introduced the model 3776 fountain pen. The "3776" model is named after the height of Mount Fuji, which is 3776 meters tall.

I had the pleasure of using a 3776 with a music nib in January, thanks to my friend and fellow blogger, Bleubug, who brought one with him when we had our mini meetup. Of course, he had a lovely Koi Celluloid. But after trying it, I knew that I wanted one. So I purchased the base model, black (I seem to have a lot of black pens).

So what is a music nib?

From The Southern Scribe: Pen Jargon: Music Nib - a special nib made for writing music notation. It is quite flexible and has two nib slits.

From the Nakaya website: The music nib has two slits. The feed also has two slits (this feed design comes only with the music nib). This design enables you to write fine horizontal lines and broad vertical lines. Since this nib is perfectly suited for music notation, it is called a "music" nib.

I found it interesting that Nakaya and Platinum share a close relationship. The Platinum Pen Company was originally named Nakaya and the current Nakaya Fountain Pen Co is directed by the grandson of the founder of Platinum. To read more about this relationship please see this post by Russ Stutler.

The similarity of the Nakaya and Platinum nibs is rather remarkable don't you think? (The photo on the left is a stock photo from the Nakaya website.)

As usual the paper is Rhodia, in this case Bloc Rhodia No 16 Graph.


Sam said...

Well, that answers a question I've had for a long time. Thank you, I always wondered what a Music nib was. :)

Diane said...

Very nice. I've been thinking of a Music nib as well, and now I'm going to have to get one. Thanks much for the post. said...

I've wanted to try a music nib for a while and this makes it just a little harder to resist to buy more pens. I love your handwriting - great sample and a lovely red!

bleubug said...

I'm glad you like the music nib. It's something you need to get used to and it is rather bold. I've tried others that had more line contrast than the Platinum. Certainly something fun to try.

Tortoise said...

I love my music nib! I have this very same pen. It's rather ordinary looking for such a fun nib, but writes so smoothly. I generally fill it with R & K Scabiosa, which looks fantastic with a wide line like this.

Anonymous said...

That ink is really stunning from a Music nib! Have you tried the Herbin anniversary ink with it?


Julie (Okami) said...

I haven't tried the Herbin in it yet that's a great idea!

Paul said...

I liked this review, thank you! At present I'm thinking of buying one too, but didn't know how wide the music nib is compared to other pens. I have fine and medium Pilot and prefer the medium; and a fine Sailor, which is much too fine and dry for my tastes.

Peninkcillin said...

Drool! I so want to get my sweaty hands on one of these but I need to control the urge because I've already spent plenty on writing instruments. I'm thinking that I could pair it with my J Herbin 1670 Anniversary like a previous poster suggested.

Carol said...

Just filled my Platinum music pen with Navajo Turquoise, pretty!

Question--do you write with the pen posted? It's a totally different experience with and without.

Thanks, love your sample!

Julie (O-kami) said...

Hi, Carol - I write with all my pens unposted (unless the length of the pen requires posting)

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