Sunday, June 6, 2010

Whatever is not moving for now

After some convo with others I've decided that there are a number of issues against moving and it is just too much work. (I know, that sounds lazy - but blogging doesn't pay the bills).

You may notice some changes to the blog in the upcoming weeks though, the first of which is the addition of "pages". If you look just under the header you will see "Home" and "Featured Pens" - if you click on "Featured Pens" this will take you to a list of all my featured pen articles. I'm going to work on adding more pages so that it will be easier to find articles on the blog.

I'm also doing some cleaning up - any blogs on the blogroll that have not had posts in the past 3 months are being removed - so if your blog is no longer listed and you update it, please let me know. Also, if you, as readers, could provide some feedback, it would be appreciated. Are there things on the blog that you don't like and would like to see removed? Are there things that you would like to see added?

Lastly I hope to migrate to my own domain probably - but we'll see.

Have a happy Sunday!!


phonelady said...

Yeah tell me about moving and it being a pain . I am so with you on that one . LOL !!!

laoriginaltec said...

Have you looked into they are relatively inexpensive compared to other web hosting sites.

Julie (Okami) said...

laoriginaltec - thanks - I'm going to stay with Blogger for the moment - as is it is free and it's fairly straight forward.

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