Thursday, August 26, 2010

Featured Pen - Stipula Passaporto Miami Sunset

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

From Glenn's Pens, (please go to this link about his visit to the company in 2007 : A Visit with Stipula) the following is a VERY short history of the company.
Renzo Salvadori started this company in 1973 in Florence, Italy.
The first pens they produced were for other company brands, and in 1991 they started to produce pens under their own name.Today the company is a family business (run by Renzo Salvadori and daughter Elisabetta and son Giovanni and his son-in-law, Luca Viti.

In addition to the information from Glenn Marcus's account, there is a wonderful new article in the Spring 2010 issue of Stylus Magazine by Allen Gross of Pens Plus. (In the article, his name is spelled Alan, which must be incorrect, since his website shows it as Allen).  Anyway, his article is titled "What I Did on My Fall Vacation: A Visit to Stipula".  You may read some of the article by clicking on the link to the website, but you'll have to subscribe to read the full article.

One of the things that amazed me is that they only have nine employees in the production department.  Wow, that's not many.  I highly recommend that you subscribe to Stylus so you don't miss any of these wonderful articles.

This particular model was made specifically for Bertram's Inkwell especially for the Miami Pen Show.  They are a limited edition of 100 pieces, mine being #009.  Woo hoo!!

The pen is available in fine, medium and stub nibs.  I was unable to locate them on Bert's website, but they are still available through Amazon though it appears that only fine nibs remain.  Better yet though, call Bert directly and save him the Amazon fees, you'll find his number below.

Below is the notice about the pen which was published in advance of the Miami Pen Show.

Also check out this YouTube vid by friend and fellow blogger WithoutInk


Sam said...

Oooh, that's cute! :)

withoutink said...

Great article Julie! Plus, thanks for posting a link to my video ;-)

Julie said...

Nice featured pen post! These are neat looking pens and seem to be good pocket size. I have read, though, they do not fare well over time, esp. as an eyedropper pen. Will be interested to hear how yours fares in the weeks ahead. Re. Stipula: a good example of small industry, eh?

phonelady said...

nice and cute . still having a hard time . I hope your wk and day is good .

Janelle Wasmer Margolis said...

I have the #1 of 100 Fine Nib of this pen, and #13 (my lucky number) of the pink Breast Cancer edition. :-)

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