Monday, August 2, 2010

teNeues Flaming Tiger Composition Book

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About a month ago I read a wonderful review by my friend and fellow blogger, Lady Dandelion, about teNeues and their Cool Notes journal. So I checked out their website and came across this very cool composition book.

Before purchasing it I inquired via Twitter as to the weight of the paper in the composition books and received an extremely quick response, 60g - eco-friendly paper. I was also asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Composition Book, my response being an immediate "of course!!".

The cover is a sturdy, typical composition cover with the amazing artwork of Ed Hardy on the front and back. It arrived with a label on the front which gave it that standard, classical composition book look. I immediately removed it, because of the awesome artwork. The label is designed for easy removal or you may leave it in place if you want that classic look.

The insides of the covers contain a ton of info including a monthly calendar through December 2011, Imperial to Metric conversion tables, world time differences and all the international dialing codes.

But, how is the paper? For a composition book made with eco-friendly paper it is not half bad. Is it fountain pen friendly? No, not completely, but it's ok and would be great for other pen types. Back when a ballpoint was my main choice of written communication (yes, I admit it) this would have been perfect, but if you are ok with only writing on the front sides of the pages, this paper is fine.

Also please visit teNeues website and note that they do much, much more that just notebooks. They publish books and calendars and stationery, they really have some very cool stuff.

I am becoming much less of a paper snob when it comes to certain things and find that sometimes the wrapping in worth it. Such is the case with this book. The wrapping is well worth it!

5 comments: said...

I like that you give in to the vanity here :) I do it sometimes as well and I think it's refreshing to accept OK paper when the notebook is cool enough. :D Thanks for mention. My liking of my cool notes is more irrational - I love the cover pattern inside the book. :)

Laura Eno said...

Gorgeous cover! Since I use a pencil, it would work great! *slinks away after admitting that*

Lady Tortoise said...

Wow, that's quite a cover!

R.E. Wolf said...

That has to be one of the most attractive-looking composition books EVER!

journalingarts said...

What a cool notebook. I love the cover design. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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