Thursday, September 2, 2010

Featured Pen - Pelikan 100N

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From Pentrace, written by Rick Propas:
In 1937, Pelikan introduced a new model. The 100N did not replace the 100, which continued in production until Pelikan shut down in 1944, but was offered alongside it. Interestingly, some of the early production 100Ns bear the characteristics of the early 100s, yellow celluloid barrels and hard rubber sections, mechanisms caps and captops. A few even have the old Pelikan logo, which was not streamlined until a year later.
The 100N was offered in variations similar to the 100, although the “minor” bindes, yellow, red, brown and blue, were dropped, as were the red, coral and jade 101s. What was left were the standard, green, black, gray, tortoise and lizard. Moreover, by 1939, the precious metal models, if made, were no longer catalogued. By then, of course, rising economic and political stability began to seriously afflict all of Europe. By the latter part of the decade Pelikan, under government edict, also curtailed the use of gold for nibs, first at home and then abroad.

For more links to the lengthy history of the Pelikan Pen Company please see my previous post: Featured Pen - Pelikan M200 and M205 Also here is a very cool, chronological recap of the company's history from 1838 to the present at the Pelikan website.

This 100N is a pre-war model, with a standard black binde, a green ink window and an OM nib.  The nib is typical of early Pelikans, not a true flex, but enough spring to make using it a joy.  It is a fun pen to write with, when  the ink is properly flowing.  I'm having a few issues and I believe that the nib alignment is off, *SIGH* it may be heading back to the seller or off to a nibmeister.  There is a great article on the Pen Museum's site that explains nib alignment and it's importance. I don't know if this nib was originally an oblique, but you can see the obvious left-foot oblique slant in the photo below.  Silly me, I pulled the nib and it is clearly marked OM.


Bleets said...

Beautiful pen! Hope that ink flow glitch is soon fixed. I love the old Pelikan nibs. said...

Lovely pen - I must have one of these some day!

1000km said...

Before you have the nib adjusted, try a different ink. J. Herbin 'Perle Noire' is a really nice black with great flow characteristics.

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