Thursday, September 30, 2010

Featured Pen - Vintage Pilot Gold Nib Black Pen

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Vintage Pilot Gold Nib Black Pen 

That is how the eBay listing was titled, I honestly don't remember if I was searching for anything specific, just browsing most likely.

Here is the rest of the listing:
You are bidding for a Vintage Pilot Gold Nib Black Pen
The pen is in very good condition as you can see from the scans.
All my auctions start at £0.99.
Please see check my other items for more pens and antiques.
Good luck!!

And here are the photos:

So, I'm looking at this and I'm saying to myself - Self, that's a Vanishing Point...but I've never seen one like that.  It's all black, it doesn't have a clip.... hmmm.....

So I did a little digging and I discovered that this is a Pilot VP Stealth Model, which apparently was only produced for a short period of time.  It was first released in 1987, per Carmen Rivera Pen's Pilot Vanishing Point Pen History.  I only found a very few of these pens on the web and the prices ranged from $175 - $210.

So, I put in a bid and guess what.  I won this pen, this is a lucky purchase.  The pen was not properly labeled and the photo really did not show what the pen looked like. The nib on this pen is in good shape and it arrived with the correct squeeze converter.  The pen is not perfect, it is missing a little of the black around the nib area and it has a few small cracks in the barrel close where the two pieces screw together, but when you consider that I paid under $70 for the pen, including shipping from England, I can live with the small flaws.

I am not a HUGE fan of the VPs like some people, I have two, both older models.  On the new VP, I just don't care for that clip placement.  With all the VPs, my big complaint is the ink capacity or rather the lack there of.  The converters for these pens just do not hold much ink, so I usually just refill a cartridge.

Right now this pen has the a twist converter in it and I have it filled with Noodlers Squeteague.  Oh and I installed the B Stub nib that I recently acquired from Dan over at Passion du Jour.

So, I got lucky and picked up a decent Stealth to go with my green faceted VP (I swapped the newer one for a Lamy 2000, which I love).

Here are the photos:


Bruno Taut said...

Congratulations for the very successful bidding.

That Vanishing Point/Capless was sold as both Pilot and Namiki brands. The nib, in principle, is a 14 K gold with the same shape and size as those in the current VPs. You can see a couple of those pens in this picture: .

One is a Pilot, the other, a Namiki.



bleubug said...

The old faceted VPs are my favs. I think Pilot got the pen right at that point and all the subsequent designs have been steps backward. I've got a squeeze converter on mine but the one on your pens seems like you turn a knob? Interesting.

Julie (Okami) said...

bleubug - I agree completely. It came with the proper CON-20 squeeze converter, but the CON-50 was already attached to my stub nib so I just stuck it into the pen LOL

Thanks Bruno - my green faceted is a Namiki

phonelady said...

wow you are awesome and you always find the deals on ebay .

SirCram said...

That's my #2 holy Grail pen.

KjM said...

I have two of the new VPs. I understand your point about the clip placement. It can get in the way. I use cartridges as, indeed, the converter doesn't hold anything useful.

But the pens do write beautifully.

Your new Stealth pen is lovely. Congratulations.

Koshka42 said...

One of my clients (a lawyer) just GAVE me this pen. Seriously. It's the Namiki-branded rather than the Pilot-branded one, it's in perfect condition and it writes like a dream. I seriously almost cried right there in his office. It's got the twist-style converter and 14k nib. And since I'd never seen one like it before I had to come online and try to find something out about it - and found your post here, and thank you for writing it!

This pen is so sexy! It's my first non-cheapo, non-cartridge fountain pen and I intend to treat it like royalty.

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