Monday, September 27, 2010

Inky Monday - Wancher Original Inks - ebine

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

A penpal introduced me to what she called "el cheapo" ink and when I asked about it (since I had never heard of it) she directed me to the eBay site.  She was right, the ink is very inexpensive at $3.50 per bottle.

The following is from Asian Treasure Hunt's Blog and will give you the background on this ink:
Silk Road Reserved Inks
I want to introduced the new reserved ink of my store.
It is named by the Silk Road. The reason for it is that when I traveled the silk road in the central Asia to East Asia. it was a great journey and in between I found myriads of interesting things.
During this Journey my ink colors name came out precisely in Japanese characters
1) Green Matcha color
2) Asuka brown color
3) Black tenmoku color
4) Violet Ebine touran
5) Blue Imari color.
These all colors have color history inspired from the Silk Road.
You can check out my eBay store for more information and also available in great price.
Asian Treasure Hunt

I purchased 2 bottles of each color, because although the ink is inexpensive, the shipping is not, so by combining orders you can get a great deal.  These bottles, 50 ml, worked out to $5.70 each.  That's very inexpensive.

Here is my package and how the ink arrives:

No fancy glass bottles, but I don't know about you, I really would prefer to pay for good ink.  I can always buy a fancy inkwell if I really want one.  It's interesting that the ink is packaged separately from the bottles in which it is ultimately stored, but I like the shape of these bottles, that triangular configuration will allow the pen is sip up most if not all the ink in the bottle. Of course, I have yet to get to the bottom of any ink bottles.  Just so you know, I was assured by Raul of Asian Treasure Hunt, that the ink is perfectly safe for all fine fountain pens.

Ok, so here is the review, I did two on different qualities of paper.

The verdict?  I really like this ink and I'm very excited to have an inexpensive alternative to all those overpriced inks out there.  The bottle is smartly designed and the focus is on the ink not a fancy bottle.  This color really is much closer to Iroshizuku's tsutsuji than it appears in the scan.  It doesn't have as much shading as I would like, but for the price I can get over that.  During the next few weeks or so I will be review the other colors.

So, now a surprise.  I told you that I purchased two bottles of each of these inks, so I thought that I would give my loyal readers an opportunity to try it for themselves.

You know the rules, same as the old rules:
1.  You must be a regular follower of my blog, either through Google, email or an RSS feed. Please just tell me how you are following.
2.  You must contact me within 7 days of announcement of the winner.
3.  You do NOT need to be a U.S. resident, I am thrilled to recognize my International readers as well and will ship worldwide.
Good luck!!  and thank you for reading.


Surfbits said...

Thanks Julie, I loved to hear about this new ink. Great article and nice background. As always, thank you for the give-away. I have your RSS feed bookmarked in my reader with my other pen and paper blogs. Hope to visit with you soon.

range said...

Hi Julie, I follow you using RSS and reading it through my GReader.

Claire said...

I Julie, i read your blog rom Paris, France...

Thanks for your blog!

chkuo said...

Thanks for sharing! I found & follow your blog by using Google Reader.

major_works said...

Thanks for the generous giveaway offer. I follow your RSS feed using the Sage reader for Firefox.

Bruno Taut said...

Well, here I am. Thank you for the hard work of posting interesting articles regularly.

These inks are truly interesting in times in which they seem to become something like a perfume--very expensive for it actually is. And there is no alcohol to tax in an ink!

I was thinking of starting some survey to see the actual price of some inks here and there in order to find the cheapest and the most expensive (per unit of volume, of course), and how that changes in each country.

I like those bottles, by the way. Functional!

I read you from Japan. A link to your blog is included in mine.



Kates said...

I follow via RSS on Google Reader - in the "Pens" category!! Your ink reviews are great. :)

Bleets said...

Julie, you've got me excited about a totally new-to-me line of inks. That Violet Ebine touran looks luscious, though I already have the Iroshizuku Tsutsuji. Making room on my ink shelves!!

Aimee said...

I think the shape of the bottles is fabulous! I follow your blog with google reader :)

hrm said...

It is dangerous to introduce me to new inks, especially when there is a brown ink involved. I follow you all over the place!

Sam H said...

I use google reader

Sam said...

Ooooh, those new inks of yours look NICE, especially the Green Matcha. I have your blog bookmarked in my RSS reader and it's in my list of Blogs I Follow. I also keep an eye on Twitter for updates. :)

PostMuse said...

Thank you for the generous offer! I would love to be an ink winner. I read your blog via RSS in my Safari browser.

Truppi said...

Thanks for doing another giveaway!
I'd love to try out these new inks and the bottles look cool.
I follow through Google.

Andrew said...

I'm always hunting for some new interesting inks to try. I follow your blog via RSS on Yahoo homepage.

InkyIndi said...

I'm not vying for the inks but just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the review! It's always good to have another ink source!! Looking forward to the reviews of the other colours!

Sara said...

oh i love the bottles :)
Thank you for the chance!

(I follow you with Google Reader) ^^

ginigin said...

Wow, great ink find!! I would love to try these out, particularly like the violet that's not. Looks more like a burgundy, but quite pretty. Green and brown also look like keepers. I follow you on Google RSS feed, among other places. :-)

bleubug said...

Not sure how I missed this post till now. I love the idea of ink at down-to-earth prices! How do I follow you? Behind you of course! Boo!

I think you might see me once in a while on Twitter. :)

ad4vs said...

great reviews. looking forward to reading about the blue.

A. Temple said...

Thank you for your kind and generous offer. I would love to try these out, particularly the brown and green.

I've been following you through Sage RSS feed for close onto a year now.

Connie said...

I've never used ink in a bottle for writing before. Granted, the first time I picked up a fountain pen was four months ago, but I'm glad to say that I'm officially hooked.

Thank you for your incredible offer to give away these bottles of ink. To tell the truth, I wouldn't mind any color at all; it seems like fantastic ink!

I've been following your blog lately with an RSS feed. It's a highlight of my day to come home and check your blog!

G.S. aka frostdoll said...

Am I still in time?
Love the bottles, but I'm puzzled by the two containers, isn't it better and less wasteful to ship the ink in a single packaging?

Stalking you on Twitter and following through Google

Julie (Okami) said...

frostdoll, I'm sorry that you missed this giveaway, but there are four more colors and so four more giveaways upcoming. My only conclusion is that they acquire the ink and bottles from two separate sources

Anonymous said...

What struck me is that the Vee shaped bottles, with the little "ears" to help them stand are exact recreations of vintage Montblanc bottles that are quite pricy, when you can find them.
Would be interesting to know if the old molds found their way East, or they're total knock-offs.

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