Thursday, October 21, 2010

Featured Pen - Delta Italiana

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From the Yafa website (the US distributor of Delta Pens):
Delta’s new collection is the product of a tasteful combination of classical materials and avant-garde design produced with great craftsmanship.  A writing instrument with classic lines, elegant and refined in the small details.  The result is a highly affordable collection crafted using high quality Italian resins. Also a unique and new type of aged/dull finish resembling writing instruments of yesterday. 
Each pen is individually hand-turned from a special resin and engraved with Delta's trademark. The trimmings are in special metal alloys, polished to a mirror like finish, gold or platinum plated.  The Italiana collection is available in 3 splendid colours: black, brown and Ivory.  The brown and Ivory versions are offered with either a dull or shining finish.  
Available as fountain pen, roller with cap and ballpen.  All fountain pens offered with a steel nib with iridium tip.

A little about the Delta Fountain Pen Company, also from the Yafa site:
In 1982 a new innovative Italian writing instruments factory was established through the partnership of Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone and Mario Muscente, named Delta Srl.
From the beginning Delta has chosen only the highest product standards to enter into the very demanding and competitive international consumer market. Delta has chosen to control every aspect of the pen manufacturing process in its southern Italian facility under the watchful eyes of its skilled artisans. Over the last 15 years, Delta has finely tuned its processes raising the quality of the final product to near perfection. This level of attention to detail establishes delta in a category of its own.
Delta‘s research & development department has committed itself to the study of innovative and exotic materials. The Extrema collection, the world’s first writing instruments line made of carbon fiber and titanium is the result of this intensive research and development.
As a sponsor of the "G7 summit" held in July 1994 in Naples Italy, Delta offered the G7 limited edition to the 7 great leaders (Clinton, Yeltsin, Major, etc.) of the leading economic nations, as part of a limited edition comprised of 1994 pieces. This 3-piece limited edition set is available to collectors and pen enthusiast around the world.
Today DELTA Fountain Pens are easily recognizable by its use of the lateral lever filling system, introduced in the early 1900’s and very much treasured by pen collectors. Of course this precious filling system is reserved to special limited editions only.

This is a very reasonably priced pen which I acquired at Art Brown during my recent trip to NYC.  They also offered a 20% show discount, as they are having a show next week, October 27 - 29.  If you live or are visiting NYC next week I highly recommend that you visit the store and take advantage of the discounts.  There are also supposed to be a lot of pen reps present.  The store employees recommended visiting on Wednesday or Thursday.

Art Brown is an amazing store, with a stunning selection of pens.  And the inks, OMG, they carry almost every brand in almost every color available.  I only wish that I had access to them on a regular basis, err... maybe not, since I own way too many inks as it is.

I really like this pen.  The first thing that attracted me to it was the swirly pattern, yummy.  When I picked it up I was amazed at how light it is, I expected it to be much heavier.  The nib is a smooth, buttery medium.  I'm not always that fond of M nibs, but this one works okay for me.  I waiver from F to italics and back again.  At some point, this pen may very well become an italic, we'll see.

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