Thursday, October 7, 2010

Featured Pen - Inkograph Stylographic

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

From Jim Mamoulides, PenHero website:
Inkograph is most associated with making stylographic pens. A stylograph is a pen with a nib made from a hollow tube with a fine wire inside that moves up and down with pressure from the tip, allowing ink into the paper. This is a nib design that dates to the mid 1800s, with possibly the earliest "ink pencil" being that of Elizah Jordan, patented in the USA in 1849. This design was later improved on repeatedly until it became the modern stylographic pen.
The Inkograph company was organized somewhere between 1914 and 1918, depending on which version of the company origin one wishes to believe, with the 1928 catalog saying "a little less than ten years ago" and a 1947 advertisement saying "been working for 33 years." Whichever the story, Inkograph would be a latecomer to the stylographic pen market, entering certainly at a time when traditional nib pens were clearly leading the market. Inkograph marketed their pen as a major improvement with many of the best qualities of a pen and pencil combined.

If you click through to the PenHero site, the leaf pattern on the Inkograph fountain pen is the same as my pen.  Please forgive me, I misspoke in the video, this pen is from the late 1940s or early 1950s.

And some old fashioned photos:


Palimpsest said...

Great pen. Where did you find it?

Julie (Okami) said...

eBay - the seller's name is pen_alfolk

journalingarts said...

This reminds me of the rapidographs I used to use in the graphic arts industry in the 1980s. They scribe wonderful, even lines.

JoniB said...

Beautiful pen! I think you need to start a new category of "unusual pens" and put this and the roller ball pen in it.

Good video, too. I like those. You can tell from the action on the video that the pen writes smoothly.

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