Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fountain Pens in the News

Just in case you missed it, the DC Supershow and fountain pens were featured on CBS New Sunday Morning this past week.  I love the guy who's spent over $500,000 on fountain pens!

Here are two links:

     The Amarillo Independent where you can watch the video and CBS Sunday Morning where you can read the story. 

Have a great Thursday.


JoniB said...

Wow! Thanks for the links. When CBS Sunday Morning does a story on something, you can bet that that something will bloom.

I, too, loved that guy with the huge pen collection (400!?!). And the recognition of Richard Bender, as well.

ThirdeYe said...

That was incredible. I'm glad I got to see the clip, because I missed the airing. That guy's collection is absolutely stunning, and I thought my collection was decent...

jmwhitus said...

Thanks for the link. It was great to see what the DC show looks like. It makes me want to go!
And so, that's what Richard Bender is like? Cool

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