Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Still Summer Here...but we have an ink winner!!

True Random Number Generator    1   22

Bleets said...

Julie, you've got me excited about a totally new-to-me line of inks. That Violet Ebine touran looks luscious, though I already have the Iroshizuku Tsutsuji. Making room on my ink shelves!!
Congrats, Bill!!  I'll get your Silk Road ebine in the mail right away.  To my readers, if you have never seen Bill's Scriblets blog, you really should head over there.

Don't despair, as I review the other colors I will be giving away the extra bottle of ink to another random reader as a thank you for your loyalty and to introduce you to what I consider, a great, inexpensive alternative to all those outrageously priced inks out there.

Saturday afternoon I went out to check on the bananas and I heard this buzzing and realized that the golden raintree was covered with bees. It was like standing in a beehive. Did you know that bees are even harder to photograph than butterflies? They NEVER sit still.  You might not be able to find all the bees in the slideshow, if you are so inclined head over to Flickr - I've put a note on them where they aren't so obvious.

The passionflower vine is still blooming and so are the golden dewdrops, so I added a few photos of them.  Oh, and the bananas are still not ready for harvesting.


Sara said...

the closest i get to harvesting bananas is tiptoeing at the grocery store to pluck out a blemish-free bunch in the back :)

hrm said...

I love that golden raintree. I'm going to try to find one to plant in our yard come Spring. The passionflower is beautiful, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Bleets said...

Thanks for the good news, Julie. I'm excited and I have a couple of pens here tingling with anticipation of getting some of that Violet Ebine touran.

JoniB said...

You did a great job with the bees! I could almost hear the buzzing. I love those purple flowers. Absolutely gorgeous.

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